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  1. andthen97 I'm getting the same run around from the downloads link and cakewalk its ridiculous anyone know where my old activation file would be hidden on pc
  2. still not registering how hard can it be  even tried to get old installer hopefully now i will get some clarification 

  3. Once again I'm having difficulty registering though I think I may be something to do with cake walk they have my product on my profile page but I cant sign in when I get to deckadance so frustrating I want to try the new improved deckadance your help would be appreciated someone anyone
  4. when did upgrades stop for Decadance shocked after sticking with this app vst for over 10 years such is life i was wondering thought if there is even an update offer back to 2.5 its is with no akai apc mini script
  5. andthen97


    hello to you to how you finding deckadance
  6. signed it they should hand it over there has been no updates of any great use since gibson got it could be so much more
  7. sorry to hear that i think deckadance is going to be obsolete soon enough and i think its a shame
  8. im new here but have used deckadance since it was first released as stand alone then with ableton as a vst now just wonder what the future holds for it and if the mobile app will be re released
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