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  1. Wow ... Thats amazing! I responded to your PM but that was before I read this. I'm sure the owner would love to have that warranty card and to hear that story and any other information you might have about it .The guitar is currently in central illinois so it didn't get far...... Again, Wow ... I really didn't expect a whole lot of information when posted that and to get a response almost 4 years later is incredible 😎
  2. Thanks Capmaster ...... didn't realize that about pickups ...guess its safe to say its officially not special edition ?
  3. Thanks for the welcome and for the help Bence ... I appreciate the info Anyone else have an opinion? Site looks great, looking forward to being around here
  4. Good Morning A co worker has what appears to be a 1977 Explorer based on the serial number 06252217 ... however a couple things the guitar ... He bought it used in the early 80's and the guy who sold it to him told him it was 1976 limited edition anniversary model and told him it was a "starburst" finish which I had never heard of and can find zero information on...It appears to be a standard Gibson red finish to me with a white pickguard ..... the guitar has gold hardware and open faced humbuckers .... based on the blue book of guitars book I have it shows there was a line of Explorers made from 1976-1980 but states they only came in white, black or natural so the red color is throwing me a bit and of course the story the guy who sold it to him gave about being an anniversary model seems a little fishy ... I do have a couple pics linked ...hopefully someone can confirm exactly what it is Thanks Much! http://i247.photobucket.com/albums/gg148/GrenBayPackers/larry1.jpg http://i247.photobucket.com/albums/gg148/GrenBayPackers/larry2.jpg
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