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  1. Right. The 336 and 356 do not have the Memphis circuit. I believe, like a Les Paul they have 300k pots and not much high end will be lost when you roll down the volume. The 339 and 359 have 500k pots and have a cap to help not lose the high end when volume is rolled off. The 339 and 359 sound closer to a 335/355 respectively and the 336 and 356 sound closer to a Les Paul. I never found the 336 or 356 to be brittle. I actually have Les Pauls that retain more high end than my 356 did. The 356 was warm and woody but could still get nice clarity on all notes. If you got a 335 figured top, isn't that a Memphis guitar? Might it have the Memphis wiring?
  2. Well, I as a member of the club, but then sold my natural CS 356 to fund the purchase of the Lifeson 355. And now I miss it. So, I found another 356 and am planning on getting it soon.
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