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  1. When you say you can have both, do you mean you can have both mono or stereo or both regualr three way tone and 5 way Varitone??
  2. Can any new owners of the AL 355 describe the electronics. Is it stereo or mono? I understand the original was re-wired for mono with a bypass switch for the Varitone.
  3. Ah, you guys are funny. I have not been here in a while. I spend most of my time over at the Les Paul Forum. When last I posted on this guitar, I included pics from NAMM and had some concern over the trem arm size. I had not realized so much was going on here. I have to wait for mine, since mine is from a dealer other than the big GC monopoly. I should have mine within a couple of weeks. I will proudly post some pics (in front of my Lifeson Sig. Triamp of course!)
  4. bobkat, If you are a Frampton fan, then the decision to get the Frampton vs the Classic Custom is a no-brainer. I know you would save some money on the Classic Custom, but in the long run you might kick yourself for not doing so. If you have one on order, wait for it and get it while they are still running them off. It may get a bit harder to get these then in the past. As the CustomAdmin said, they are not running these that much anymore. Not that you can't get them, but they are a bit harder to come by these days. This is a great guitar. Just like Frampton is an under rated guitarist so too is his guitar. Many Les Paul guitar fans don't have a clue just how wonderful this particular model is. I am a huge Alex Lifeson fan, so I am waiting for the ES 355 that I have on order. But, I got Frampton's Les Paul mostly because of how great the guitar is. After I got it, I got more into Frampton's music than I had in the past and I too have seen him live. I got him to sign a Framptone amp switcher I have and he also signed a poster of some Fingerprints art work that I have framed in my studio. In addition to being a great guitar player, he is a really nice guy!
  5. They are not making this guitar as frequently as in the past. As I understood it from my dealer, they were originally going to stop production around 500. At 500 they moved it from regular rotation to a periodic rotation which means they may have to get orders for a few before they will run them off. So, your dealer may be correct in not knowing when the lead time is. I do know it is still a very popular guitar and people are still ordering them. I own one and it is a fantastic guitar. No other Les Paul sounds quite like it that is for sure. With the 500T in the bridge, it gets some very nice sustain and distortion quicker than most Pauls. The 57s in the neck and center do wonders for some nice clean and fat tones. Of course it is a looker that is for sure and the chambering is nice in that it weighs about 8.5 pounds. The chambering helps the resonant tone as well, but I find it a bit darker than my R0 which just screams with tone. But, they are two different animals. I hope you get it soon and enjoy. The other guitar player in my band liked mine so much he got one as well. :D
  6. Wondo

    Lifeson ES 355

    Suggested Retail is going for over $4k. However, contact a dealer, and you will get the street price. Call Saul at Center City Music ccitymusic.com. He can hook you up. Oh, don't forget you might need to add $35.00 so you can get the correct after market trem arm#-o Gibson customer service admitted that the arm is different than the 70's ES 355 but that it will still work - I think that is missing the point entirely.
  7. Wondo

    Lifeson ES 355

    No, it is not installed upside down. If you look at the handle, you can see it is in the correct position. The problem with the arm of the Lifeson and is that the arm does not have the correct angle to it and thus the arm is longer than usual and sits higher than usual as well thus making getting the case closed a difficult task. I was hoping to have the Custom Shop look into this before they start producing these. I have more pics that I will post soon. As far as I know, this is a mono guitar. It is supposed to be based on Lifeson's original which was converted to mono and had a bypass switch added to either have the Varitone in line or out of line. They seem to have gotten everything right except the trem arm.
  8. Mety, I feel bad that no one has answered your questions. It looks as if this forum is not a place that will readily provide prompt answers. (small membership) The only info I have is that they are supposed to be coming out with these in the next couple of months. I got this from a good Gibson dealer. I was suprised that they took them off of the site as well. It would be nice if they got that site up with the new NAMM releases so we could find out more.
  9. I have seen NAMM pictures of the Lifeson ES 355 and there appears to be a problem with the Maestro tremelo arm. From these pictures, the arm seems too long and not angled properly. Looking at Lifeosn's guitar it seems the tremelo arm is angled more and thus fits snug against the body of the guitar. First a pic from when Alex first got the guitar and then more recent: Can anyone provide any information about this. I am hoping to give the heads up before these go into production at the Custom Shop with an incorrect arm.
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