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  1. I want one as well!!!!! I have an Axcess and I find it to be a great guitar. But, I would like a Les Paul with a Sustainer and I am actually discussing with my Luthier putting one in my Axcess, but I would much rather it be done at the factory and would much rather it be done in a Schon design. I agree it is a great guitar and I would really like to get one, but the Admin will not answer this or a post I asked about. Come on, it could not be that hard to run some more off. I bet they would sell no problem. One thing that is nice about the Neal Schon is it does not say Neal Schon any where it is just a great guitar whether you like Schon or not.
  2. Yeah, I don't even think I will get a reply!
  3. Admin, What is the likelyhood that the CS will honor an Axcess with a sustainer or do a one off of a Neal Schon? Thanks.
  4. Maybe the odor is there to intoxicate you so you won't realize how many problems the Dark Fire is having.
  5. Crappy, Thanks for the video. Makes you wonder what happened with the Lifeson. I still can't believe they called all of the registered Dark Fire owners and we never even got an answer as to what happened.
  6. You should take a look over at the Dark Fire threads. Gibson Forums>Dark Fire>Gibson Called Many new DF owners complained of multiple problems with the guitar and Gibson actually called all of the owners personally to ask what they could do. They got their numbers from their warranty registration. Now, why could they not have done this with us? We raised as much of a stink and for a long time. Looking back, even if Gibson could not have done anything, a call would at least have been some consolation. I guess they only made 300 Lifesons, got their money and moved on. With the Dark Fire, this is Henry's brain child and sees it as the future of guitars, so he wants people to quiet down on the forum I am sure.
  7. Saul at Center City Music has got two Dark Fires that just shipped to him if anyone is interested. Give him a call at 1-888-5Gibson. Tell him Bill from the forum sent you and he will give you a great price. I have bought many guitars from Saul and he has always done right by me. http://www.ccitymusic.com/ Center City Music 1033 6th Street San Diego, CA 92101 1-888-5Gibson (619)338-9055 Ask for Saul
  8. Henry needs to step down at this point. After the fiasco with the Lifeson and now this with the same kind of "tough crap" attitude is just not what this brand represents. Henry, you did not start Gibson, it was started by people with integrity and customer satisfaction in mind. I know this is your brain child, but you have to see things through to their ultimate conclusion before any claim to fame.
  9. Bah Humbug! Gibson screwed up again and that is the bottom line. As one who has been through this fiasco with the Lifeson I will tell you personally from experience, don't expect any definitive answers anytime soon and some things that you are complaining about will never be addressed or answered. You judge a tree by its fruit, and I have no reason to believe that Gibson has changed their tune. The bottom line with the Lifeson was basically they had our money and were not going to do anything about it. The good thing about the Lifeson is it is still a pretty awesome guitar dispite the volute not being historically correct. But with some of the issues with the Dark Fire, if some of these issues do not get addressed it will be a lemon and will basically be a pretty red Les Paul with robot tuning capabilities. I have every right to be pissed. I believed what Mr. Anderton and Mike@Gibson were saying about this guitar. I was willing to put my mistrust of the company behind me and take another chance with this guitar. The DF had the promise of being a guitar that I could really use on current recording ventures. I ordered the guitar, but am refusing delivery because of all the problems that are coming up. I went through this with the Lifeson and I am not about to go through this with the DF. There is no excuse for releasing this guitar before it was ready. Every piece of electronic equipment I have ever bought always had a users manual. Just inexusable. And, the problems that elantric describes are beyond my willingness and patience to deal with. Been down that road before. I sold a perfectly good guitar to get the DF, and now I will have no DF. Shame on me for believing the hype, for believing that Gibson could pull through and deliver. (How did "W" put that?... 'Fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again') From now on if I buy any guitars from Gibson, it will be from the Custom shop in Nashville only and if they screw something up, I will no longer buy a Gibson as sad as that is.
  10. I am feeling a little unsure of going ahead with the Dark Fire. Unfortunately, I just shipped out my Frampton today. With some of the issued I am hearing about and the fact that there is no owners manual, I am not sure I want to do this. Altough the guitars sounded so promising. But, since the hype started we now have: No RIP, No Ableton, No Guitar Rig, No Manual. Problems with charging and MCK problems. I think I may have made a bad move. Bu, I have not bought mine yet, but it is slated to ship soon from Gibson to my dealer. What should I do?Maybe buy a Moog guitar instead.?
  11. I read somewhere, and now I cannot remember where about the technical data of how the tuning works. I remember that it uses the srings to send the signal to the tuners. Does anyone have a link to this info. My luthier cannot believe that there is nothing in the neck sending the info to the tuners. Thanks.
  12. I am glad I sold my CS 356 for the Axcess. It has so much more versatility with the coil tapping and of course the Floyd. I was a bit upset the other day when I put a ding in it with the strap lock hitting the top, but the 356 I sold had the same kind of surface indentation in almost the same spot. I thought that was weird karma. It was as it was meant to be an even trade. But, I bought the Axcess to be played, and played alot, so dings are part of the territory. I am one who thinks a Les Paul with some nice aging characteristics is much more beautiful than a pristine show piece. I love the Axcess. I had mine professionally set up and it is sick how well this thing plays. As for the AL. I played it for a few hours again today. I gotta tell you, that guitar just gets better each time I play it. The action on the neck is so wonderful and slinky and it sounds sooooooo good. The volute is really a non issue now. Funny how things bother us at first (and I am still not happy that Gibson did it and worse did nothing about it), but now, I am over it and loving playing that guitar!
  13. For those lucky owners. How would you characterize the neck? I heard someone on the Les Paul Forum state that they did not like how the fretboard felt. I am used to playing Les Paul Standards and Customs. My favorite neck profile is the 1960 Reissue (R0). However, I recently got a Axcess and I am okay with that as well. I do not like the squared tall frets of the later Customs. I like the frets to be wider and a bit shallow. How would you say the Dark Fire is? Thanks.
  14. Thanks, Just wanted to make sure that I was not perceived as condoning this type of behavior. Now, on to the Dark Fire!
  15. Sparky, I would fully agree that LerxstLee's comment was uncalled for here. My quote of me saying he is a nice guy was taken out of context, for in the original post, I mentioned that I had spoken with him through PM. When we did speak through PM he was very respectful and pleasant to me. Of course we never really know who we are dealing with on these forums, now do we. If you read further back in the thread, you will read that I had said to LerxstLee that the Lifeson 355 bashing needs to stop especially from him, since as far as I know, he unloaded the guitar. Those that have a beef with this guitar can do just that. I am keeping mine and I enjoy playing it and the little volute does not bother me anymore.
  16. As the owner of a Lifeson 355, let me tell you first off, there were long delays on that model with no response from Gibson and when the volute was discovered to be in the wrong place, not a peep out of Gibson. So, don't expect any word from them. I'll just wait in line like the rest of us.
  17. Saul at Center City Music is getting in five of them and expects them sometime next week or right before Christmas! Can't wait!
  18. If this is true, then Gibson is acting and had acted just as we suspected. By the look of the white Ibanez posted above, perhaps this engineer once worked for Ibanez and then joined Gibson or perhaps they used an Ibanez to decide where the volute should be rather than a real 1976 ES 355. Since they were meeting with Alex to negotiate the guitar, how hard would it have been for him to bring the original with him and they draw up specs? Oh well, what's done is done. In the long run though, Gibson would have been smart if they took care of the problem somehow. It was only 300 guitars. Considering how many guitars they make overall. This would not have been a problem to fix. They probably think that their reputation is on the line should they admit to a mistake. But, look how good this would have been for the company...a known flaw in design and manufactuering and Gibson stands behind their work and their promise and replaces all the guitars or fixes the problem. I guess they don't look at it this way. If you get a chance, ask this guy why Gibson would not do anything about it or why it ended up where it did and if he knows if Alex knew anything about it.
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