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  1. The top picture looks just like the Lifeson volute. The bottom one is steep. Looks like you could get altitude sickness from that one. I think that these two pictures show what I was trying to say about the volute some time ago. The top picture is like the Lifeson. The bottom picture looks like pictures of a 76 355 I posted, but a bit lower. In the case of the bottom pic and the 76 I posted, the volute is higher but steeper. And the top pic and the Lifeson are lower however they are more shallow and not as steep. I agree, I have gotten over the volute thing quite some time ago. The guitar in every other aspect is just great. However, I will say that the fact that Ibanez makes their volutes like this does not make me feel any better about Gibson not making it just like Alex's 76. But, Alex plays the prototype of our Lifeson Signatures. So, it ain't a big deal for him, and since I have gotten used to it, it ain't no bi deal for me either. Rock On! I'll take the squire in the box to the left.
  2. Wow! Now, that's some guitar! Glad I ordered one. Some learning curve involved with the digital aspect for me but, that is half the fun!! Thanks elantric.
  3. Wondo

    Les Paul Axcess

    Thanks Staxman! I love the Frampton. Great guitar. But, I play my two R0s and Axcess pretty much exclusively. The other guitar that gets some play is the Lifeson. But, the Frampton does not get so much play. With the middle pickup the Frampton was getting a tone I could not get before. But, when I aquired an R0 and put new pickups in it, it can get the tone of the Frampton and then some with just two pickups. The Dark Fire offers me a lot of new possibilities that I am excited about. I think I will go for it. Plus, I stand to make about $1K more on the Frampton than I paid for it. Not bad.
  4. LMAO!! I knew after the release of S&A Live there would be these posts. I have not been to the Custom Forum in a while. I have been concentrating on finding answers about the Dark Fire. As I was reading the thread, I was getting ready to go and get 1Meanmalibu's picture, but then he came in and posted it. There's your proof. Also, somewhere in that original post, there was a link to the Lifeson on a website that had a picture of the prototype without "Alex Lifeson" on the truss rod cover and it most definately had the volute. So, look all you want the volute is there. We in psychology call this a confirmation bias. This is when you are looking for something to confirm your bias, you will find it. Of course one could argue this could work both ways (i.e., ones looking for the volute will see a volute and ones looking for no volute will see no volute). But, 1Meanamaibu's picture proves it and it has been proven before many months ago. LerxstLee, You are a nice guy. We've talked through PM. But, let it go already. I believe you gave up your Lifeson? I have played mine recently and I still love it. Admin made it clear that the white wood neck was done before any Lifeson's were made, that means Alex got one just like all the rest.
  5. Okay, My Frampton Custom is up on ebay and I am fielding offers. I need some good words from my fellow Dark Fire friends, that I am doing the right thing. I have to keep coming HERE to remember what it is I am doing. Thanks
  6. I think some kind of confirmed answer about the connectability of the DF would be crucial right about now. Many of us have ordered the guitar and would like to know. Maybe even a simple schematic written on a napkin at this point would be fine with me. I just need to know what the options are. On the Gibson site it says you can use a guitar cord (they spelled it chord) and use it like any other guitar into an amp, but how does all of the other connections work??? Mike??? Someone???
  7. It's a climate thing. It's too cold in the Great White North for the Dark Fire. Sorry.
  8. I voted! I am either crazy or really intelligent. I guess I won't know unitl I play it.
  9. Just call Saul at Center Music he has five on order and I got one of them. Saul is the man. Ask anyone that has dealt with him. I have bought 5 guitars from him and referred countless others to him. He has fantastic customer service and I bet he will beat the price you were given from your dealer! http://ccitymusic.com/
  10. I would think as far as an amp goes, the sky's the limit. However, I have an idea. I am not a huge fan of modeling, but it certainly has its place. I will be running the DF into my H&K Triamp and then possibly into my H&K Switchblade as well. But, I think running it into the Line 6 POD X3 Live is going to be very interesting. The X3 Live has the ability to plug two instruments in at once...say a microphone and guitar, a bass and a guitar, or two guitars. So, the two ouputs from the DF (piezo and magnetic pickups) can go into the X3 Live. One into say a Marshall Plexi and the other into an acoustic amp and each amp can get effected with its own effects. Sounds pretty promising! The sounds on the X3 Live are very good as far as modeling goes. If you want pure analog tone, get a good tube amp and a good acoustic amp.
  11. Ordered mine today. This thing had better be as good as they say!!! I ordered mine from Saul at Center City Music in San Diego. http://ccitymusic.com/ He gave me a great price as he always does. He has five on order and now there are four left. Saul is the man! Tell him Bill from the forums sent you.
  12. I think this is done through the tip of the toggle switch not the MCK. Evidently, the tip of the toggle switch can be turned clockwise or counter clock wise to dial in the piezo. Am I understanding this right? When you plug into the RIP, all analog is lost and now the signal is digital? I want to be able to use the guitar as a regular old analog Les Paul if I should so desire. It looks like that can be done with an insert or "Y" cable...no? Mike@Gibson implied that you could use the RIP and go into two different amps, but is that signal digital or analog?
  13. Steven, So, I could get a VG-99 and plug the Dark Fire directly into it? Or, if I went with a GR-30, it looks like I could plug directly into that. What would be the difference between the two? Thanks.
  14. What if I just wanted to get started into this, for me uncharted territory? I want to say plug into a Keyboard Brain as one would do with a Roland Guitar Synth in order to start creating synth sounds with the DF. Where would be a good place to start. Obviously, we would need the converter first, but what would be a nice piece of gear that would do this for a beginner in the guitar synth world.?
  15. Okay, From what Mike has said here and on other threads in this forum, here is how I think the DF is going to work. Mike, please chime in and correct me if I am wrong: The DF has a trs out (stereo out) the two feeds from this balanced signal is one...the magnetic pickups (P-90 and Burstbucker) the other one is the Piezo. The trs send goes into the RIP interface and then has two rs outs(mono out) each unbalanced send can now go into two separate amps one for the acoustic tone from the Piezo and the other from the two magnetic pickups. Or, you can enter this into two tracks on a mixer in any DAW with your soundcard. You can also send this signal via firewire directly into your DAW. The Hex output seems to be the one not fully understood as of yet, but it does seem that with the adaptaor that we are supposed to get with the DF, we will then be able to plug into Axon and Roland guitar-to-MIDI converters. We should be also able to use a regular rs unblanced guitar cable to plug into an amp allowing for the magnetic pickups only...like a regular Les Paul or plug into the RIP and use only one of the two sends on the back of the RIP to plug into an amp to either use just the magnetic pickups or just the piezo pickups. I hope I got this right.
  16. Thanks Mike. Howabout the latency. Noticable? The Gibson site says 15 ms latency, that would be noticable to me. How was it for you?
  17. Mike, Thanks so far for the information. Can you confirm some of the things you have mentioned about the different ways to plug int he DF? I would like to know asap since I plan to order one and put a guitar on ebay. Here's what I want to know for sure: 1. If you use a regular 1/4" guitar cable (ts cable) and plug directly into an amp, will you be able to use the P-90 and the Burst bucker? Will it be a quiet connection? 2. If you use a stereo cable (trs cable) with the RIP, or with an insert cable ('Y" cable) will you be able to split the P-90/Burstbucker and the Piezo into two amps? That's all I need confirmed before I pull the trigger.
  18. I'm seriously thinking about giving my dealer the go ahead and putting the Frampton up on ebay. So, I guess I am joining the club and taking the plunge!
  19. This thing sounds better and better, the more I read about it. I had to go over to the Les Paul Forum and set them straight on a few things. Let me get this straight, if I want to plug into an amp, I do not need the RIP? I can just plug into an amp with a 1/4" calble and still use the P-90, Burstbucker, and Piezo??
  20. Another area of confusion they are having, I think, is that you need to use the digital interface to use the guitar. As I understand it, if you wanted, you could just grab a guitar cord and plug it straight into your favorite amp and it would work like any other guitar, right? And you could still use the tuning capabilities in this configuration??
  21. Well, now I'm jonesing also. I could use a guitar with that much bang for the buck. It sounds like it would definately inspire beyond most guitars.
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