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  1. Bringing this thread back to have some useful discussions of the AL, how we are using it, enjoying it, technical info, etc. Thought I would start by posting the man himself playing the AL on the S&A Tour
  2. I own a 356 and I unfortunately have to sell it to make way for the Axcess. (After buying the Lifeson and now the Axcess, I have to get rid of something and it won't be any of my Les Pauls). Anyway, owing a 356 I would have to say it might be difficult to do. My 356 and several I have played, the neck angle in relationship to the body is in such a way that the tailpiece is clamped down on the body and the bridge is very low. For a stop tailpiece set up this is ideal and these guitars play fantasitcally because of this. I just don't know how well a Floyd would work under these conditions. Also, you only have the center block supporting the bridge. However, remember that Lifeson had a Kahler on his 355, so it might work. However, a Kahler is much different from a floyd rose and what has to be done to the body to accomodate probably would not work. As today is the last day for this thread, I will see you on the Lifeson In Action thread which is where I think we should continue more useful discussions of this guitar.
  3. Wondo

    Les Paul Axcess

    Well, I told Saul at Center City to go ahead and unload the gunmetal gray and wait on the Iced Tea. I have this fantasy that Admin is going to see to it that Saul gets an awesome Iced Tea to sell me and it will make up for some of the disappointment with the Lifeson. Hey, I can fatnasize can't I?
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDAx473AFpA
  5. [ youtube="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDAx473AFpA"]Goodbye[/youtube ]
  6. [ youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDAx473AFpA[/youtube ]
  7. <param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/DDAx473AFpA&hl=en&fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/DDAx473AFpA&hl=en&fs=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed>
  8. Wondo

    Les Paul Axcess

    I got a chance to get a gunmetal Axcess right now at a good price. I have been holding out for an Iced Tea. Which color would be best? I like them both and can't decide. Unable to play before I buy. My wife says get what I want, my brother-in-law says get the Iced Tea, my luthier says get the gunmetal gray, he thinks the sunburst looks cheesey.
  9. Maybe if this particular thread and the Lifeson Volute thread is locked, we can either start a new thread called support for the Lifeson or something or we could resurrect my thread called Lifeson In Action where I posted a Youtube video and others posted some clips and from there we could discuss our use of the Lifeson. I just played mine last night. It is a really cool guitar. I love the tone. I was almost thinking of getting another 355, but then I pulled out my 9.5 pound 1960 Les Paul Reissue and was reminded that big tone does not have to come from a big guitar. I think the Lifeson will cover that area very well. I should be getting an Axcess soon and so I have to sell my 356, that is a great guitar as well.
  10. I thought I had my last word, but since I have been called back in to the discussion, the whitewood neck and the finished product are almost identical. With that I do agreee with Admin. The picture of Crappy's neck is taken at a slightly different angle. Take a look at how the face of the headstock does not quite line up in the pictures (no offense Crappy, we are brothers AL and H&K). My point in my previous post is that when looking at a 70's volute compared to the Lifeson, there is without question a significant difference, and one that can be felt when playing the guitar. The reason why we still are"trying to re-make a point that's been beaten into the ground...." is because Gibson REFUSES to tell us why there is a difference. If Alex had approved it, then WHY? That is all we have wanted to know from the very start. Locking this thread is Gibson's way of saying shut up, we have already given you our answer which we know leaves us hanging. Admin, I do sincerely applaude you for allowing us to go on so long on this topic and for continually attending to this topic, but I do hope that you see that this has not been us beating a dead horse but a sincere effort to get an answer from Gibson as to why they did this when never before has a neck on a Gibson been like this. I enjoy coming here to the forum. And it is wonderful to have Admin giving us a listen. I just hope that it is understood that the continuous tantrum has been a result of our fustration over Gibson not providing an answer as to why this happened the way that it did. I am actually working on posting some new clips of the Lifeson In Action. I also await my new Les Paul Axcess and would like to (hopefully) post some very postive comments about that. I hope to see you all soon on a more positive note.
  11. Well then, I'll give my last word since we are being shut down. 70's Volute: Alex Lifeson Signature ES 355 Volute: Whitewood template for Alex Lifeson ES 355: Gibson's Product Description: "Now, Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this thread.”
  12. Some did get defective guitars (e.g., binding issues, paint bleed, poor etching on tailpiece, electronic issues, crooked tuning keys, trem arm, etc.). Although, I would agree, that with Gibson's offical statement of the artist approving the guitar, it is not defective, but I would also say that it is not the "painstaking recreation of this iconic instrument" that we were all promised.
  13. Well, there you have it. Probably about as definitive as we are going to get. As I have been saying recently, at the risk of repeating myself again, the volute is something I have gotten used to and have no plans whatsoever to unload this guitar. It is a fantastic guitar and sounds HUGE! As I had said a while ago in some posts here or the other thread, I believe that the volute starts in the same place as a 76 but ends sooner. Therefore, we notice the "bump" because it does not end behind the nut. If the volute design was a concious decision, then the reason would be to have the volute, but not as steep so that if the palm needed to work around the volute, it could. As Crappy has mentioned, he noticed one for sale recently with a larger volute than his AL. I do think they may have come in various sizes and mine being very shallow has not been such a big issue for me. I, like others, at first was upset to learn that the "painstaking recreation of this iconic instrument" had somehow been other than stated. But, if one can stop obsessing over it and step back and look at the entire instrument, it is really quite remarkable. As I posted recently, my brother-in-law came over with a new Strat to play through some of my gear and then I broke out my three Les Pauls and my 356 to compare the guitars. Right before he left I plugged in the Lifeson. His response was, "Wow, that guitar sounds gigantic." And it does. It just secrets such a wonderful plethora of tone. Stax, Great to hear you are going to put up some clips. Can't wait to hear them. Thanks for the kind words of the La Villa clip. I keep meaning to post another song, but my band is now finishing our second CD we are in the mastering process now and getting ready to send it out to be printed and published. I am very excited about the new CD and will post a link here when we are done. My Iced Tea Axcess should be coming in to Saul any day now. (I hope there is no problems with this one!!!)
  14. Crappy, In the original post I stated it was your neck just to clarify. But some people may have read that it was a 'crappy' neck and not Crappy's neck.
  15. I have run several experiments now, and I have concluded that you cannot hear the volute through an amp.
  16. You know something we don't know? Has Alex been contacted?
  17. Don't sweat it. If you bought the guitar for an investment. You should get some return on it, but then you better leave it in the case and not play it. If however you want to play it, forget about the investment and play it and enjoy it. We'll all be dead soon enough anyway and then who cares what it is worth? The only way one that will increase in value is Lifeson's real 355.
  18. By the way, An AL just sold on ebay for $3,550.00 http://cgi.ebay.com/Gibson-Custom-Shop-Gibson-Alex-Lifeson-ES-355-Unplayed_W0QQitemZ350097398129QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item350097398129&_trksid=p3286.c0.m234 And another sold for $3,200.00 http://cgi.ebay.com/GIBSON-CUSTOM-SHOP-ALEX-LIFESON-ES-335-GUITAR-RUSH_W0QQitemZ200254985690QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item200254985690&_trksid=p3286.c0.m234
  19. I think the part that hurts the most about this is being let down by two important entities for us guitarists that are Rush fans; Gibson and Alex Lifeson. We don't know for sure if Alex let us down, but we do know Gibson has. We have heard nothing from Alex and Gibson obviously in a very purposeful way is ignoring the entire issue. To be honest, as one who is keeping the guitar and enjoying it, if Gibson had early on given some kind of statement that let us AL owners know what is going on, I think I would be less angered by the situation. If they had said, in a more direct way that it was Alex who approved the design, then I would expect an official statement from Gibson endorsed by Alex. That would have made things a bit better as well. But, total silence on both party's part is what is so screwed up about this whole thing. It is the purposeful ignorance of Gibson and possibly Alex that really sucks. This is why Gibson should be ashamed. I think even Admin would have to agree, although he obviously cannot say anything about it since his job is on the line and in this economy, who would blame him. Maybe someday we will learn the truth about what happened. I would sell my Lifeson if it was one of the only guitars I owned, but I own several Custom Shop guitars and I did not plan on playing this one a tremendous amount. I play mostly Les Pauls anyway and so the guitar, although I will play it, is mostly a collectors item for me. In an entire evening of playing, the Lifeson would get used on 3-4 songs (turns out this is about all that Alex uses it for as well). The rest, I play my Les Pauls. And by the way, one of those Les Pauls is a Frampton signature and it has no issues whatsoever. I wished they would have treated the AL in the same way.
  20. V. Oracle: The Dream I wandered home though Memphis streets And fell into a fitful sleep Begin to dream of Lifeson's 355 A dream Gibson can't keep alive I stand right in the Custom Shop An oracle tells the lathe to stop He says the volute is an inch too low He noticed it at the Winter NAMM show I see the works of gifted hands That grace this model so many Rush fans demand I see the hand of talented luthiers arise With honest mind and open eyes Truth is they left Gibson long ago And with time apathy would grow Their greediness grows with want of more To ruin the legacy of those that came before Gison should hold their heads down Hold them down in shame VI. Soliloquy The sleep is still in my eyes The volute is still in may hands I heave a sigh and sadly smile Then I start to jam Over the volute my hand shall pass Gibson will not kill my dream Just think of what this guitar would be If the volute would not have been But I am sure I can carry on Carry on and play this great guitar Oh yeah.........................................
  21. AL 2112 III. Discovery What can this strange volute be When I touch it It sort of brings me down But yet the wires still vibrate and give music I think I'll keep it around At first I had a very sad heart And on the forum screamed out my pain Oh how that bump looked like a mountain And Gibson's response ...was so lame I can't wait to share this new blunder The people will all see our plight Let them all share their own story Of Gibson's major oversight IV. Presentation I know it's most unusual To have a volute so low We all went to Gibson And said we'd like to know Listen to our complaints And see what they can do There's something here that should't be We hope it will reach you Yes, we know it's nothing new It happens all the time Gibson has no need for all these complaints Our product is doing fine Another another ploy to help destroy The Gibson family brands Forget about your silly whims And take it like a man I cant believe youre saying These things just cant be true How could you screw up this beauty What else are we supposed to do They listened to our complaints There's nothing they will do The artist approved it so tough luck And laughed when we said we would sue Dont annoy us further We have our work to do We have all your money What further use have we for you? Another another ploy to help destroy The Gibson family brands Forget about your silly whims And take it like a man
  22. Wondo

    Les Paul Axcess

    Exactly! I have more guitars now then I ever dreamed of. As a psychoogist, I probably have more guitars than I would if I was primarily a full-time guitar player, and I'm loving every minute of it. My band is about to release our second CD. I don't know how far I would have gotten if music was my only source of income. Do college, then worry about the gear.
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