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  1. Gibson didn't fix my guitar either. But they did: * Pay for a luthier (a proper luthier not a 'tech') to look at it who replaced the nut masterfully * Send me two replacement pickups based on the fact I said I thought pickups with less magnetic pull might fix the issue I had All free and with relative expediency. This despite the fact I had gutted the electronics, fitted new tuners and new after market pickups. It still have a few minor issues but everything possible and reasonable has been done to correct them. Their only concern was that I was happy with the guitar going forward and that I kept confidence in the brand etc. Which not every company cares about let me tell you! So thanks to this I have a guitar that is quite different to what they sold me but which plays and sounds fantastic (to me). If I had not modified the guitar I am sure they would have replaced it no quibble. I happen to really like the guitar though and wouldn't want another. Just to say: Gibson warranty service (EU) and persons I had dealings with (Stijn) were top notch and very helpful.
  2. In my opinion the build quality of 2015 is better than recent years. The problem is the new features were mostly unloved and unwelcome. For me the only deal breaker was the Le's Paul 100 logo. I actually like the wider necks and zero but.
  3. What is PAF? One persons PAF is another persons 'mid 70's'. Every discussion about what makes for the best PAF tone seems to be very subjective (obviously) but also often not singing from the same hymn sheet to begin with. PAF to me means underwound, Alnico 2 on a driven amp. Its thin, reedy and harmonic. It sounds poo on high gain. The epitome of PAF for me is pre PAF. Its found in the 50's P90's. Like this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ATolIMMqZM And this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAWl8sD088k That is purest PAF. The 'PAF' tone that came with the buckers was just those that sounded the most like the P90's that came before. Greeny et al.
  4. The double ring thing was the reason I got these ones. I was hoping with the screw in banjo bolt + washer and the two screws (drilling was no problem at all, I didn't have any issues and the banjo bolts went on fine, which I have ratcheted down with a socket uber tight) they will not work so hard against resonance as the hunk of PCB and batteries it shipped with and not prone to slipping which the screw down locking mechanism on the gforce absolutely was. The guitar is also now no longer head heavy which is really nice, it sits level now on my knee where as before it always felt like it wanted to get away from me. The choices were either spend £85 on locking grovers which I felt was not really a reasonable price, get the cheaper rotomatics which I didn't like the look of (chrome kidneys etc), get Gibson deluxe (made by Kluson?) which were out of stock everywhere for some reason or get vintage Klusons and use adapter bushes (didn't fancy it as the bushes were all made of plastic that I saw). These were relatively cheap, look great, easy to fit (straight swap no routing or hassle) and will last forever. Quite pleased. I might change to the locking grovers eventually, if I start playing gigs again, but for home playing these are a great alternative to the robotuner. Been playing it all day and definitely noticing the differences. I know its entirely subjective and everyone gets confirmation bias etc. But the difference is night and day. I put new strings on yesterday afternoon, played it for an hour, put it in the gig bag, picked it up this morning and its still in tune after being played 3 hrs solid. I haven't touched the pegs once. The sustain is noticeably improved, like really very noticeably and the action just feels smoother. I think the posts are a smidge lower on the replacement tuners which has stopped the nut binding issues, and the reduced mass has really changed the tone (I had to adjust pup heights it really was noticeable). Its not all positive though, I have lost some of the nice overtones I got out of the gforce on high gain power chords but the overall improvements make this a no brainer. The Gforce just would not stay in tune. I know its usually the nut (be it binding or w/e) but I haven't changed string type or weight, so it had to be the tuner or the way the tuner interacted with the nut. It would go out literally every 5 mins on the G and high E. I am guessing this is why Gibson went to a brass and subsequently titanium zero fret nut in later iterations. I am now, based on personal experience alone obviously, solidly in the 'robotuners suck tone' camp. For me though the tuning stability is now vastly improved which is massively positive from my pov. It is rather sad that I am getting excited about what used to come stock on Gibsons for many years though .. Video so that you can appreciate my phone doesn't really do autofocus (it does focus nicely on the tuners eventually lol) and how shiny they are. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dS13OhB6Qcc
  5. Finally got round to replacing the robotuner with Schaller Original G-Series Tulip DR tuners. So much nicer! Highly recommend these. They are relatively cheap (£35) for Made in Germany. They're also real shiny. Which helps. The finish on these is top notch. Much nicer than any Made in China parts I perused (and I perused a few). I was worried that I'd miss locking tuners but the ratio is real good on these and its only 2 whole turns to pitch. So the winder I bought was a waste of money!
  6. I have one of these and honestly I was not impressed with the sound. Its very bright indeed and not very les Paul. I think the brass nut, wafer thin body and wide neck combined are enough but to put 57 classics in too takes it too far. Would have been better with bbpros IMHO. Entirely subjective ofc.
  7. Keep the one that sounds the most like what you believe a lp should. I have a few LPs for sale right now because since I got my 50s tribute I haven't touched them. I love the neck, the action and the p90 tone. I really really love the neck. The Classic and the Less+ just feel dead and tinny in comparison to the p90s. They both cost a lot more than the tribute and have markedly superior build and finish. They just got no soul. Always go with the one you know is the one. As had been said above - that is the one you reach for every time.
  8. Joking aside its surreal when you get the archers on gain channel. :) How you liking the less+ BTW? I just got one. Its very bright... Sounds very PAF like. The lack of mass and the wide neck feel so strange. The 57s seem to react by sounding somewhere between an SG and a telecaster.
  9. You want a cheap 2 quid microfiber cloth tripple pack. My apartment has near 50% humidity at night thanks to poor ventilation and butane heater and my frets tarnish too. I use a bit of brasso gently gently. The rest of the hardware I could care less. The sooner it relics up the better. :) For my nicer guitars they are stored in a better regulated place and stay in their cases at or around 10 degrees most if the winter months. The studios and tributes are great for winter. ;)
  10. I agree this a less than awesome finish but pretty typical of the year. The 2015 models actually had this right with their finely sanded rosewood finger boards. My 15 classic is like glass. The 13 goldtop more like a barn door.
  11. Contact cleaner sorted it. Must have got some chutney in there or summat. Guess that happens.
  12. Another problem arises. The Switchcraft pup selector switch has failed after only a couple of weeks.. :unsure: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j54K_klEXxg I was OK with that until I looked up how much a replacement is ..
  13. Not as odd as my being able to pick up Radio 1 on my P90's if I sit facing the transmitter accross the street. I guess I am just spoiled.
  14. Heh yeah. Its been a lot of fun so far. Still plenty to do and learn doing. I was just looking at these vintage goldtops with p90's and I'm pleased to see they came to the same conclusions I did re: the pole pieces and pup height. {smug}
  15. Getting there. So hey, err, Nashville bridges are supposed to have the screws facing the tailpiece. Which explains why my high e was too low. It was the wrong way round. Spend a few hrs messing with the setup this morning. It now absolutely screams. I am so so pleased with the tone. I setup the guitar to these specs: Then tweaked the pup height/tilt and pole pieces.. Both P90's have a very narrow field of operation. You can't go more than a cm below the strings and expect anything from the bridge and the neck likes to be flush with the fingerboard on mine. Teaking the poles lets you bias bass or treble. My strings are pretty light so I find the top 3 don't really chime as much as I'd like if I don't bring the poles up snug. With the pup real close its overpoweringly tinny and shrill so this is a nice compromise. Great crunch overdriven tone for classic rock power chords and total cream from the neck pup. Love it. It makes my cruddy little practice amp sound like a VOX 30. Note: I have absolutely no idea what I am doing. This is all just trial and error. [biggrin] Can't wait to get my hands on that Blues Junior .. !
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