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  1. Here is a Chinese-made Strat copy (TGM brand) I bought new about three years ago for AU$150 when I first started learning. If I knew what I knew now about GAS, I wouldn't have bought the next 12 guitars except for an acoustic. I would've put in new pups and maybe one or two other mods on this cheapie and saved the thousands of dollars I've spent on GAS (guitars and gear). Despite having an Ultra, Dot, Fender Strat etc., I still play this one a lot. Of course, the Ultra and the rest are good guitars, but the cheap Strat copy is fine too.
  2. Don't they look like genuine prices for Gibsons http://www.ioffer.com/search/items/guitar/text_pics/ioffer/80000/0/false
  3. Why do we spend so much time arguing about the best guitar/amp to use to sound like our favourite band/musician (which is almost impossible) when the real answer lies in our playing ability and experience?
  4. That is so beautiful, elleon ricardo. Well done. Now where's my paint scraper?
  5. 9s on Strats & Tele 10s on Les Paul, Dot & SG 12s on acoustics
  6. It's good to read someone else supports the Grolsch solution. Sometimes when I see the recommendation on various forums, I get the feeling other forum members think we're joking.
  7. I just drink two bottles of Grolsch wiretops and whack the leftover rubber washers on the guitar strap buttons. Seriously.
  8. A very rude question has often been on my mind since I first started visiting guitar forums: So many members (not just here!) seem to spend so much time on forums, so much time modding, so much time GASing, looking at and talking about new models, manufacturing origins etc etc., that I often wonder if they ever actually play and are more into acquisition and/or admiration of their acquistions. In one sense ownership of a collection of guitars, amps, pedals etc. is the primary concern.
  9. I have both a stock standard VJr and a Valvetronix AD30VT. If I was given no choice and I had to sell one it would be the VJr simply because it's not as versatile at the VOX.
  10. Imagine the neighbourhood gossip if that was parked in your driveway.
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