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I am an independent guitarist and songwriter from Southern Maine. I play a blend of rock, blues and surf and have released three solo albums. In 2013 I was selected by Joe Bonamassa as a Guitar Center Blues Masters Grand Finalist, and had the honor to play with Mr. Bonamassa and his band in Los Angeles. I am also a husband, proud father of two beautiful girls, surfer, painter, martial artist, and sous chef of fine family cuisine.


On my YouTube channel you'll find a mix of original music and guitar gear demo videos (with the occasional surf video thrown in). Its been my great pleasure to work with many independent gear companies and help them create content to sell their pedals, guitars and amplifiers.


For all else, please feel free to contact me with questions, comments, concerns, thoughts on life, jocularity, etc. If you have a generally sunny disposition, I'll be sure to respond!

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