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  1. Thanks, guys! The pic posted by "rabs" of the ES 300 is identical except for the tail piece. Yeah, I know the pickguard has issues. It is actually lose from the guitar. I set it in place for photos but it is currently not attached. It had come unglued from the upper attachment point and appears to be missing a nut or some such from the side attachment. It's great to have a tentative date, model info, and ballpark value. The one promise I made to my father is that I'd never sell his Gibson. So, guess I'll need to learn how to play it once I get some minor repairs done. :) Unfortunately, only learned a few chords when I was a kid. I do love it, even though I'm not a player. It has a certain smell to it -- something about the case I suppose -- that is part of my childhood. Again, thanks to all you experts for the feedback.
  2. Thanks for the lead re the L-7. From the pics I can find on-line, it definitely has the split parallelogram inlays,the tortoise pick/finger guard, tailpiece, and gold inlay by the tuners of the L-7 but the two knobs and "bottom" jack of the ES 150. Guess IDing a Gibson is more complicated than I realized! :)
  3. Thanks Old Guy and Sparquelito! That makes it older than I thought but would be in keeping with the 1946 amp. Like I said, my father had these as long as I can remember and I date to the late 50's. :) The guitar needs a little work -- I doubt that the electric components work any more (although he also had a new amp of some sort). Not sure if there's anyone in the midwest that does this kind of work so it may be a while. I really appreciate the ID, though, so thanks again!
  4. Thanks, Rabs. Yeah, I tried looking inside both F holes -- no stamp, no paper, no serial #. Appreciate the info on the amp,though!
  5. Hi. I recently inherited this Gibson amp, electric guitar, & original (at least my entire lifetime) case from my father. There are no serial numbers. My best guess is that it's from the early to mid-1950's, perhaps an ES 150??? No idea re the amp. Can anyone ID either for me? Any help much appreciated!
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