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  1. I am so confused why a major product manufacturer would allow a reseller (Guitar Center) to advertise and market their 2017 product release, and at the same time, have NO information on their 2017 guitar product lineup on their own website. Where are the photos, specs, musician reviews and endorsements, emails, brochures, or sneak peaks on the "Gibson Forum?" Perhaps the settlement with the justice department allows them to continue making guitars, they just can't sell any?
  2. Would like to see more left hand models, including the Les Paul CM Black in lefty.
  3. Ya know - that makes sense. I bet that is what it was. Good call.
  4. Success! Found a luthier in the Knoxville area, he dressed the EAD grooves in the nut which were a little more than thumbnail grooves. With a setup and 9.5-44 D'Addario strings, came to $70.
  5. No offense taken, and I appreciate the education. I am a novice with guitars, and made an incorrect assumption.
  6. Two things that work for me. I pay for my Internet by the GB, so off-line is more economical. For that, by far, the best product I have found is Rocksmith 2014. The best online lessons I have found is from Guitar Mastery Method. Tons of videos, downloadble tabs and lesson sheets, live streaming lessons, and links to editing tools, metronomes and other cool stuff.
  7. My D string is falling out of the nut on my one year old Gibson LP Studio. My options are to take it to a local Guitar Center luthier, or, drive about 8 hours to the Gibson factory and get it repaired there. Should I take the opportunity to replace the nut entirely, or just dress up the D string cavity?
  8. Check out the reviews on a Palomino V16 (Crate). I've recently seen one on EBay for a good price. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/reviews/guitar_amplifiers/crate/palomino_v16/index.html (LOL, just noticed the original post was from 2014, sigh. Well, mebbe someone else can use this info.)
  9. See this thread about custom ergonomic straps. I've purchased two from this guy - great quality, all day comfort. http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/128568-ergonomic-guitar-strap-review/
  10. But it sounds better coming from an LP Gold Top.
  11. I'm three years into retirement now, living comfortably on less than half what I used to earn. These are some of the things I did. Start thinking of the kind of lifestyle you want, visualize what your daily routine would be, and write it down. Research Forbes and Money and other publications that put out a "best places to retire" list. Compare your lifestyle list to the best places and decide on one or two that might make the best sense for you. Get Quicken or Money, and track your expenses to the penny for a few years. Examine your spending, and decide what your core list of expenses should be, and what that totals. Contact Social Security, and get a report of what your monthly SS income would be. Remember it is taxable income if you reach a certain level. Would you downsize your home, move to a tax-free state, have no need for boats or toys? Try to envision what your retirement expenses might be - even to the point of practicing what it would feel like to live on 1/2 of your current income with your current lifestyle. Some other stuff. This worked for me, your mileage may vary. Before you retire, get as much medical and dental work done with your current employer medical plan. If you wear glasses, I highly recommend LASIK. I highly recommend LASIK. I highly recommend LASIK. Best decision I ever made, hands down. Get your teeth fixed, all crowns, root canals, etc. Hair plugs, face lift, whatever body maintenance you have always wanted, go get it. Purchase a reliable four wheel drive vehicle. Pay it off. You don't want a car payment, and the versatility of 4WD also pays for itself. Pickup or an SUV is best for moving things or people. Thinking of a camping trailer? Figure the purchase price, registration, maintenance, camping fees and insurance, and compare that to overnight in a nice hotel room. Have the mother of all garage sales. Simplify your life. Heirloom stuff you want to hand down, give it to the kids now, or put it in storage. I moved from California to Tennessee, and immediately cut my cost of living in half. Consider moving to a less expensive state from where you are. Simplify your life. Trade in the smartphone for a no-contract flip phone. Get Neatworks or other paperless software and scan all your documents and shred them. Use online banking and set up autopay on your routine bills. But, right now, save, save, save. However much you have it will not be enough.
  12. This was my home for two years after retirement. The water is such a relaxing environment, I just loved it.
  13. Even here, I cannot escape politics. Sad.
  14. I admit I am a beginner with a Gibson and a too-loud amp, but I have a plan to make it work for one day. Perhaps you can join me. The challenge: Between now, and July 4th, learn how to play the National Anthem. Clean, Hendrix, your own style, whatever. On that day, drag your amp out on the front porch, turn it up and let the frets fly. Not American, or live in another country? Please, join us on that day - either play the Star Spangled Banner or the anthem of your own country. Would be interesting to hear O Canada on guitar. Who knows, you might find another guitar player on your block, your town, or across the canyon. Who's with me?
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