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  1. Deckadance, originally developed by Arguru and later, following his death in a fatal traffic accident, by Luis Serrano (a.k.a. L.S.D.), was initially created under the direction of Image-Line and later bought by Gibson/Stanton DJ. The software showed promise and is very capable and innovative compared to the other more popular alternatives, particularly because it features scriptable controller mappings and VST plug-in hosting, as well as parallel waveforms that zoom out all the way. Sadly, the software hasn't seen any updates since 3 June 2017 following Gibson's recent financial troubles though Luis has continued to support customers through the forums until 30 September 2019 when he officially announced his departure from the company (link to Luis Serrano's post). Seeing how little love the software has received from Gibson over the past two years, and considering Luis was the sole developer of the software, the future of Deckadance is uncertain and, frankly, looking rather gloomy. I feel Gibson have neglected the product and I invite anyone who uses it or cares to email Stanton DJ support, or reply to this thread, to urge Gibson to open-source the software should they decide to discontinue it. Thanks! (I've duplicated this on Reddit in case it gets locked) PS: It would be nice of Gibson if they could chime in, thanks!
  2. If you want compatibility then definitley get Rekordbox plus a Rekordbox controller to practice at home (or CDJs if you can afford them). The main benefit of this set-up is you are up and running pretty much immediately, and you can take your whole library to any club and play. The downside is you are stuck with THEIR workflow. With custom controllers mappings (Traktor, Deckadance) you can decide how your gear controls the software and the DJing experience can be a lot more fun if you put in time and thought. Also, custom set-ups are more portable, for example, I use two Launchpads and two DJTT MIDI Fighter Twisters—fits into any backpack. Horses for courses. Deckadance is the most advanced for controller mappings, but some of its core functions need to be improved, for example, EQ and filters. I have posted quite a few suggestions on this forum and the Luis, the lead Deckadance dev, is definitely aware of the software's current limitations. Because of the financial troubles Gibson has been going through recently, development has been frozen for the time being. I'm very hopeful that development will resume again soon, as there is no better time than now to do it since Traktor has lost a lot of ground to the competition.
  3. Well, hold on to your seat, because Rekordbox IS a Pioneer product, not a separate company. I'm theory it can work with third-party controllers but the MIDI mapping options it provides are too basic. That's because Pioneer want you to buy THEIR gear and not anyone else's.
  4. Probably not going to happen but, if for whatever reason Gibson decides to scrap DD, it'd be nice if they donated the code to Luis so the program can continue to live. At the moment the code is sitting in a limbo. BTW I'm curious, what's that other company? Regarding Serato, it might be ahead of the competition in some areas, but custom mappings is definitely not one of them.
  5. Just a heads up, news is out that Native Instruments have undergone significant personnel downsizing and their Traktor product line might get the axe. Apart from Traktor and Virtual DJ, none of the other DJ software supports advanced custom controller mappings. This could be Deckadance's chance to shine.
  6. New forum look!! Things are looking up 😃
  7. The definition does not appear to be in dd_commands.h (just checked every line in case I was searching for the wrong string), and it seems it will be a while before Luis can do anything about that. It's possible the command was implemented but Luis forgot to update dd_commands.h (after all it was a beta release), hopefully he can drop us a comment to clarify. Meanwhile you could try adding the definition yourself, if you try a few numbers it might just work: BPM_TAP = 494,
  8. Any news on Deckadance development? Earlier claims that the product is not "dead" are becoming increasingly hard to believe after nearly two years without a single update.
  9. Hey Luis do we have any news on the current state of DD? Cheers
  10. I wasn't deleting any files or folders, but this might be something LSD worth looking into.
  11. Updating driver made no difference, I'll just live with it, maybe I need a better computer
  12. Interesting, you get the similar CPU usage whether decks are playing or not. I'm using a Surface Pro 4 with Core 2.20 GHz i7-6650U. Theoretically it should be able to handle even higher CPU usage but the problem is heat builds up and some times it shows the "overheat" logo and automatically puts itself to sleep. It seems like it could be a graphics issue, if the CPU is doing the work of the GPU that would explain my results. I'm going to update my graphics drivers to see if that helps (had disabled this via Group Policy Editor).
  13. I'm experiencing very strange CPU usage patterns, the following values are using the 'High Performance' power plan: All decks stopped: Window minimised: CPU usage = 13~15% Window not minimised: CPU usage = 37~39% All 4 decks playing: Window minimised: CPU usage = 10~13% Window not minimised: CPU usage = 30~32% In Traktor, more decks playing always means more CPU. Minimising the window also reduces CPU. With the window not minimised, CPU usage is 6~7% with all decksstopped and 9~10% with all decks playing. I wonder if other users see similar results, thanks
  14. I'm really pumped up about Deckadance. I'm designing this mobile DJ set-up using 2 Launchpads and 2 MIDI Fighter Twisters, to allow me to just turn up at the venue, crack the box open and start playing in under one minute, whilst still being able to use my own gear rather than CDJs. The mappings are more sophisticated than Traktor could ever handle, and yet it's much easier to do in Deckadance thanks to its powerful scripting engine. Also Deckadance starts up a lot faster than Traktor which gives me a lot of confidence during a set should anything go wrong. You have an excellent product in your hands, keep it rolling, it's got a ton potential!
  15. Sorry to be so annoyingly persistent but it's been over a year since the 2.73 update—is a next update really ever going to happen?
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