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  1. New forum look!! Things are looking up 😃
  2. The definition does not appear to be in dd_commands.h (just checked every line in case I was searching for the wrong string), and it seems it will be a while before Luis can do anything about that. It's possible the command was implemented but Luis forgot to update dd_commands.h (after all it was a beta release), hopefully he can drop us a comment to clarify. Meanwhile you could try adding the definition yourself, if you try a few numbers it might just work: BPM_TAP = 494,
  3. Any news on Deckadance development? Earlier claims that the product is not "dead" are becoming increasingly hard to believe after nearly two years without a single update.
  4. Hey Luis do we have any news on the current state of DD? Cheers
  5. I wasn't deleting any files or folders, but this might be something LSD worth looking into.
  6. Updating driver made no difference, I'll just live with it, maybe I need a better computer
  7. Interesting, you get the similar CPU usage whether decks are playing or not. I'm using a Surface Pro 4 with Core 2.20 GHz i7-6650U. Theoretically it should be able to handle even higher CPU usage but the problem is heat builds up and some times it shows the "overheat" logo and automatically puts itself to sleep. It seems like it could be a graphics issue, if the CPU is doing the work of the GPU that would explain my results. I'm going to update my graphics drivers to see if that helps (had disabled this via Group Policy Editor).
  8. I'm experiencing very strange CPU usage patterns, the following values are using the 'High Performance' power plan: All decks stopped: Window minimised: CPU usage = 13~15% Window not minimised: CPU usage = 37~39% All 4 decks playing: Window minimised: CPU usage = 10~13% Window not minimised: CPU usage = 30~32% In Traktor, more decks playing always means more CPU. Minimising the window also reduces CPU. With the window not minimised, CPU usage is 6~7% with all decksstopped and 9~10% with all decks playing. I wonder if other users see similar results, thanks
  9. I'm really pumped up about Deckadance. I'm designing this mobile DJ set-up using 2 Launchpads and 2 MIDI Fighter Twisters, to allow me to just turn up at the venue, crack the box open and start playing in under one minute, whilst still being able to use my own gear rather than CDJs. The mappings are more sophisticated than Traktor could ever handle, and yet it's much easier to do in Deckadance thanks to its powerful scripting engine. Also Deckadance starts up a lot faster than Traktor which gives me a lot of confidence during a set should anything go wrong. You have an excellent product in your hands, keep it rolling, it's got a ton potential!
  10. Sorry to be so annoyingly persistent but it's been over a year since the 2.73 update—is a next update really ever going to happen?
  11. Well, a mix of random topics is what we have at the moment Tags are good too.
  12. Cool, thanks Regarding the BAR_POSITION_A/B/C/D, set() does nothing and get() returns the position within the bar, would that be easier to do?
  13. Luis, today I've spent nearly 6 hours just exploring every button and feature of the software. I've noticed plenty of little details that show you have put a lot of thought into the design of the software. I've noticed a bunch of things that don't seem right, and I've written them all down, now I just need to tidy up my notes so I can post them here. Regarding point No. 1 of my previous message, here's what the help document says (link): 1 - Set the nearest marker to the play-head as the downbeat. The downbeat is the first beat of the bar. The downbeat setting is critically important when automatic beat-synchronization with other decks, samplers, VST MIDI players is required. There are two problems here, the first one is that the (1) button should only place the (1) marker at the position of the existing nearest beat grid marker. The beatgrid offset relative to the waveform should not be affected, but clicking the (1) button screws up the beatgrid offset. The second problem, which is was I was talking about in my previous message, is that the help implies that DD can do bar-sync, that's why the (1) marker needs to be placed on the first beat of a bar (it doesn't matter which bar you choose if the BMP is constant throughout the track). It's very important to understand the difference between bar-sync and beat-sync: two bar-synced tracks are also beat-synced, but two beat-synced tracks are not necessarily bar-synced. So, in DD if I have two tracks playing and they are currently bar-synced, say Deck A and Deck B, if suddenly I seek to a random point by clicking anywhere in the waveform map, there is a 1/4 chance that the track will be bar-synced at the new position, and 3/4 chance that it will not. As you can see, the chance of screwing up the bar-sync are higher, and it is what usually happens, which destroys the flow of the mix. I hope that makes sense. I've added these points to my comprehensive list, I will post as soon as I can. Might be busy this weekend as I'm helping a friend move home. Thanks!
  14. At the moment the forum is a dispassionate list of random topics, it might be a good idea to have the forum organised into a few sub-forums, maybe something like this: General - Discuss general topics about DD, ask questions here when you think the community can answer them and you don't want to bother the developers. Scripting - Anything related to writing DD scripts, code snippets, etc Mappings - Share complete mappings for specific devices here Support - Request help here when you would need support from the developers (although the community can answer too if possible) Bug reports - Post bug reports here To-do - Post feature suggestions Off-topic - Everything else. Discuss the crunch of your corn flakes here.
  15. I didn't notice anything special. After I posted that I restarted DD and it worked again. Later, it happened again, still Deck B. From you reply I understand this is not a known issue, so I will need to do more testing. The first test I'm going to do is to run DD with a 32-bar loop playing on Deck B and not touch anything, then wait a few hours to see if anything happens.
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