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  1. Good call: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/DSDCCTEBCH--gibson-midtown-custom-ebony
  2. I think the only thing that matters is what is important in the long run. Too many people get wrapped up in what is in front of their nose and ignore what really matters in the long run. Way down the road when you look at a nick/mar/crack, would you think "oh that (still) bothers me because I didn't put it there", or "oh that's fine because I put it there"? Or would you do what I pretty much do, and forget it is even there? If so, what's all the fuss about? Now if you look at it way down the road and think "OMG!!", then sorry, I can't help you.
  3. Hey didn't you hear that anyone over 30 looks stupid playing them? They don't know we don't give a Flying F. Did you say pointy guitars? If you ever swing one of these things around, you'll find out why they call them shredders!
  4. Wmachine

    ES-225 Stamp

    Still only a guess, but I think you're right about "just stamped a 225T". I think this was more likely to happen with the first ones. I don't think this was much of a concern when they were making them. It's not like a different model altogether was stamped.
  5. It is all over the internet, google is your friend. With all due respect, being that Pepto pink, I can't imagine anyone faking that for any reason.
  6. Hey, welcome to the club. I'm there myself. Forums are not a perfect form of communication. Now get off my lawn! I thought maybe you might be jumping to conclusions going for new tuners as the Grovers are not bad tuners. You said this is your first Gibson, and they routinely have poorly cut nuts that can bind and cause tuning issues. And it wouldn't be hard to find someone who has played all their life that still have tuning issues because they don't string their guitar properly. From all I can tell, locking tuners will not be any better for stability than a proper stringing. That said, I like them because I'm not the greatest at stringing and it helps me! Rock that Explorer!
  7. I'm sorry, I though inferred in my answer was a suggestion to use some sort of a bumper on the nut end. I'm afraid to say this, but I'm glad I'm not that concerned about nicks and scratches. It is not a matter of not caring at all to the point of careless handling and care, but those are harmless things that come with use and age anyway. I find other things far more important to me to spend my time and energy with. I understand there are those greatly concerned about visual flawlessness. Fine for them, but I'm glad that's not me.
  8. I'm not surprised you have never "found it necessary". That's why I was questioning your suggestion. That is an "easier said than done" suggestion that can easily not be a good suggestion. Without personal experience, how can you consider that a good suggestion? Especially being sure he will win? That seems to lack your smattering of common sense. Sorry, but I disagree that it is anything close to a good suggestion in this case.
  9. Hey, I'm just following *your* lines. You have lines with only 2 points.
  10. It wouldn't be insulting if you gave us that info to start with. With no idea of your experience, you start at square one. You're the one with the problem asking for help, if you don't like the answers, maybe you should be a little more specific and less critical of the answers.
  11. Court proceedings? Really? You've been reading too many forums I'm guessing. So how did your case work out for you?
  12. You do know how to properly string a guitar? And to stretch new strings? Check the nut for binding? Should not have a problem staying in tune.
  13. Any 2 points always line up........
  14. This indeed has been an ongoing problem with the LP pickguard bolt and nut. Gibson should have figured out how to attach some sort of bumper by now. FWIW, this was addressed with the 2015 models (and possibly others) with removable pickguards. Being removable, there is no bracket to start with. But to keep the look authentic (( guess) there is still a hole in the pickguard and a bolt used, but the end of the bolt has a nice bumper on it to keep the bolt from indenting the body.
  15. My EPI Limited Edition Riviera Custom P93 Blue RoyaleRivera P93 works like this: The bride and neck pups are controlled by a typical 3-way switch just like a 2 pup model. The middle pup works independently just with the volume control. Simple and versitile.
  16. It appears to me that Gibson can't get sales to sustain the small semi hollow models, even though they keep trying to reinvent it. First the 137, then the ES-LP, now the 235. They even claim the 235 to be an instant classic. Didn't happen before, so I don't see it happening now.
  17. Construction is what was being addressed. I have both and am familiar with differences from the playing both. Back to the OP, Gnappi, you say you prefer the '57s over the MHS. That's the first time I've ever heard MHS pups described as "shrill". Usually the criticism is that they sound muddy, but that has been said as opposed to Burstbuckers in 335s (not my take on them, however). So are you saying you actually prefer the Studio? To the OP, to me, my ES-LP Studio (not a II) is relatively lifeless. Not so much from the '57s, they seem to be fine, but the guitar itself. It sounds okay, but that's it. And "quality" is decent, but nothing to do with that. By contrast, my ES-335 Studio sounds great (same '57 pups). Not as good as my higher end ES-3x5 s, but still impressive for the Studio model. I don't get that from the ES-LP Studio. It just doesn't bring anything to the table that is isn't covered better by an ES-3xx or a Les Paul. Just my take on it.
  18. Fine if you call that a "not like a 335". But they both are "semi hollow with a center block".
  19. There are definitely legit ME serial numbers. I think there are other threads on here about that.
  20. Are you sure you mean to say that? I know that you know these models, but they are semi-hollow (Gibson calls them semi-solid) with a center block.
  21. You're kidding. If they were on a forum today: Les: I'd play it more, but this thing is just too heavy. Mary: How do you like this burst? Does it make me look fat?
  22. And me too, on both counts. OP, sounds like you have way to much experience to expect anything new out of your"Gibson LP Studio vs Epiphone LP" question. It will always be answered by those on both sides. Far too many of both to generalize, and the only one that matters is the one you get. If you are lucky it will grab your heartstrings. If you add perseverance to the luck, it will grab your, well, you'll find out.
  23. Actually, that is just a EU website, not a store. It still may be helpful, though.
  24. Wmachine

    ID ES335

    It does look like the seller is trying to be honest sending a pic that clearly shows significant fretboard wear. I'd be concerned about fret wear too. Personally, I'd pass. Especially if looking for a 335.
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