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  1. My take is not well received by 339 lovers, but to me the 339 is  compromised 335.  All the accolades given to 339s revolve around them being smaller and more desirable for that reason only.  I don't see any serious or pro players using them, though I'm sure there must be some.  I've actually heard some say that because they are shorter themselves, they looks silly playing that large 335.  Huh?  Are they a players or posers?  Tommy Shaw doesn't have any problems playing one. 

    If you want a 335, get a 335.  To me, a 335 and an LP have just enough overlap that there is no ground covered by any other model in between not already covered.  Not by an ES-339, ES-125, ES-235, or ES-LP.    Those models were created by Gibson marketing to sell guitars.  Not to fill an otherwise unfilled niche. 


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  2. Though somewhat evasive, Gibson has defined what the top differences are, sometimes in word and sometimes as illustrations.  Here is an example of one such illustration shown for the 2015 LP Traditional.


    I find any such explanations to be of little use.  From what I have seen, it is no more than a general and loosely followed (or at least highly subjected) scale. 

    The 2015 LP Traditional is supposed to have an A+ top.  Here is mine:


    Judge for yourself, but I can tell you that it is a lot nicer than almost all other 2015 Traditionals I've seen.  I think it is more like AAA, but it is what it is.


  3. 57 minutes ago, Revelation said:

    Here is BB King with his guitar with F holes around 1971 (based on Ringo's look).

    320b0bae98d4fc5fd1b6235d01147822.jpg (1280×908) (pinimg.com)

    I'm sure that's one of his ES-355s that preceded any of his Gibson BB King models.

    Sure you can get them to feedback.  You can get an LP to feed back.  But I can say mine is a lot more like an LP than ES-3xx when it comes to feedback.  But I wouldn't say it sounds more like an LP.  I'd still put the sound more ES-335-like.  But you can throw a lot more volume and gain at it!  And it is beautiful to boot.  An absolute work of art.



  4. 9 hours ago, Larsongs said:

    They can sound different if they all have different Pickups. The Necks can vary in dimension & shape, as well as the Frets, Nuts, Tuners & Bridges... Even if they’re the same model with same specs they can play, feel, look & sound different..

    So right.  Are they made more consistently now?   Who knows, but I sure wouldn't count on it.  Gibson is still playing smoke and mirrors with their model  descriptions.   So the only real difference between a '61 and '64 is that a '64 has a chunkier neck?   Good that they are offering 2 neck style, but what so obscure with it?  They are not shy about offering different colors of the same model, why not different neck profiles?


  5. These things do happen.  During the late great CME blowout, I bought an ES that because of some identity problem ended up in the back of the Gibson Memphis warehouse then at the back of the CME warehouse.  Long story short, the box and all the  paperwork INCLUDING the COA says it is a 2016 "1959 ES-175D  VINTAGE BURST VOS"  .  In reality, it is a 2015 1954 ES-175D Dark Burst VOS.  Serial number matches everything so no problem there.  I got it amazingly cheap due to the blowout and additional circumstances.   It is one of only 50 made.  Of course now, that actually may be 51?  I was finally able to convince Gibson they screwed up.  But they would not send me a correct COA.  But I have the email confirmation and won't have any problems because of that.  Fabulous 175, BTW.


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  6. 10 hours ago, Grog said:

    I’ve had the same problem with the 2019 Les Paul JR Tribute DC Bass & Guitar. Also with a newer Gibson case for a 1973 L-5S. In both cases, a 3/4 piece of styrofoam worked perfectly. I bought a pack of (5) 14” X 4’ from Menard’s for about $7, enough to fix about 25 cases......... I tucked a towel under the body of the guitar for a few months, no more!




    Nicely done.  That fix would work with the Junior/Special 2015 gold anniversary cases, but should only be added to a  3rd of the bottom at the end of the bottom.  

  7. On 4/6/2015 at 5:05 PM, eldorado2001 said:

    Thanks for the suggestions. You all know the 2014 Les Paul Melody Maker has a carved top like a Les Paul, right? Doesn't the (vintage or reissue) Melody Maker model have a flat top like a LP Jr or LP Special? Is the Melody Maker case thinner than a regular Les Paul case? Several have recommended that case but does anyone have firsthand experience using it specifically with the carved-top LPMM? Thanks.



    Found a seller on ebay (The Stratosphere) who seems to part out guitars [confused] , they also sell the cases. I bought a new gold 2015 Gibson Les Paul Less Plus case from them and it's a perfect fit for my LPMM, and quite a bit lighter than the ESP case, too.



    Be very careful with the "fit" on that case.  They had a problem with them that usually doesn't surface until there is damage to the surface of the neck.  That has only to do with those anniversary cases for the Junior/Specials.  It is not at all apparent unless you look very closely.  First, just lay in the case.  Look closely where the neck goes over the inside  compartment.   The neck should lay evenly over the top.  In the suspect cases, the neck actually hits and "pivots" on the end of the compartment by the body.  If you pick up the body slightly at the end of the body, the angle of the neck will change and then the neck will lay flat over the compartment as it should.  The easy fix it to put a tshirt or small towel in the bottom of the case at the end to give the end that slight elevation.   If nothing is done, the edge of the compartment can wear though the finish at that place on the neck.  Worse yet, I think a severe blow to the bottom could actually break the neck, though that is probably unlikely.   I have a 2015 Junior and Special and both have that exact same condition,  Otherwise, great case!


  8. Regardless of what that means in this case, I've found what is written on those stickers as the "model"  is some of the worst documenting Gibson has ever done.  Totally inconsistent and rarely is it actually the correct model number.  If they changed the word "model" to "description" it would at least be excusable.  And then accurate too. 

  9. 15 hours ago, Twang Gang said:

    The lease on the factory in Memphis expired in April 2019, so if your guitar was made early in the year it might have been made in Memphis.  You can tell by the serial number.  And no I wouldn't expect any Custom Shop COA unless it was a Custom Shop guitar which you don't specifically state.  

    Yes, every Memphis made guitar should have a COA.  Not a  Custom Shop COA as there was never a Custom Shop in Memphis.  There are a few different types of COAs

    5 hours ago, merciful-evans said:


    You mean after Nashville closed? Unlikely. I certainly have never heard this. The process would be the same. The jigs would be the same. Also, I think Nashville still produced CS ES models while Memphis was operational (confirmation needed).

    I have played both Memphis & Nashville ES too.

    No, he is wondering that since Memphis closed,  what the quality is now coming out of Nashville.  Which is a very good question.  So far, the very limited number of reviews I read have have been favorable. It should be noted that the higher end ES models are now made in the Custom Shop, and the rest are made in the Gibson USA area.


  10. 34 minutes ago, Jolt’n said:

    I have a Gibson V , I have had for some time now .  I have found the “ Made in USA “ but no serial # without taking it a part . How can I find what year it was born

    First of all, start a new thread.  Second, post pics.


  11. 19 hours ago, Rshaw49rs said:

    I have a 2005 335 Dot ReIssue, and according to serial number it was built in early 2005 at the Nashville facility (last 3 digits of s/n 7xx )

    but I cannot find any info on figured top 335 Dot out of Nashville.  Is it a standard 335, or any special attributes other than flame ?

    I believe a 2005 from Nashville would automatically make it a Custom Shop model?  That means "special attributes" in itself.

  12. On 8/30/2020 at 9:31 AM, Troy Kebab said:

    Yes, there are quite a few '61 335 reissues out there at the moment... it's the model numbering that I'm not sure about / would like clarification on.  I received a reply from a Gibson 'Consumer Relations Representative' who informed me (rather cryptically) that "Concerning production totals: we do not have production totals available, as these are seen as Gibson property."... what on earth does that mean?


    It means they are not going to tell you, period.  They've also said "they don't know" as another way to deflect the question.  But at least "not available" is a lot more honest answer.  Sometimes some detective work can yield numbers when they are more limited.  First, there are certain models that when released, Gibson said right off the bat there were "XX" number made.  And those are generally more well known and documented as such.  But there are other ones that when released, dealers were sent info on the models that said, for example, "60 made for world wide distribution".     I have personally searched old websites and found some of these cases.  I have a 2015 and 2016 reissues that I traced to claimed production for 50 and 60 respectively.  In both cases, when I contacted Gibson to confirm those numbers, they would neither confirm nor deny the numbers.  For the record, I saved screen shots of the old web pages to keep as documentation.



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  13. On 8/8/2020 at 11:28 PM, GeneIV said:

    My Les Paul 1960VOS model number reads LPGC60LBNW1
    This is from the Custom shop COA and the Gibson gold warranty pamphlet 

    I read it as Les Paul Guitar Center 1960 Lemon Burst I get lost at that point..... the NW1 at the end throws me off

    The Serial number is GO  6402 from head stock and warranty card pamphlet

    The card has nothing filled in where the date should be entered. The exterior finish and the playability checklists are filled in but the inspected by and packed by sections are not signed.

    The COA has what seems to be a printed signature but I cant tell if its a real signature by Rick Gembar the general manager

    any help would be appreciated... year of production??? 
    The only clue to a date is the  date printed on the back page of the Truss rod  pamphlet , 2001


    Are you absolutely positive of the W in the NW1?  Pic?  That digit should be the tailpiece, and  being a stopbar should be H.  Other ones of that model I looked at were NH.   Could be a mistake.


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