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  1. Thanks for adding that. This is the first that I heard them called "Custom Shop Series", but that makes sense. At least as much sense as could be made with that odd designation. Yeah Gibson really muddied the waters with that. Never the less, they are still really good guitars regardless of what they call them.
  2. There is good reason for that confusion, as Gibson essentially caused it. The Memphis plant started in 2000 and apparently had a fair number of Nashville Custom shop employees there in the beginning. And though there was really was no and is still no Custom Shop there, some of their guitars they called Custom Shop and, as you have, Custom Shop labeled cases. But none of the Memphis made are actually numbered Custom Shop models. From what I've been able to gather, this labeling ceased after about 2009. But traces of this still exist, as my BB King Lucille is a 2016 model made in the first p
  3. Yup, that's it. When I had a chance to buy it new (NOS) last year for a an unbelievably cheap price, I jumped on it. A little hesitant about the Classic '57 pups, but figured I could swap them out. Nice pups, but thought they would just be wrong in a V. But I can't believe how good they turned out to be. Classic '57s can sound so different, depending on what they are in.
  4. Site won't let me post mine, a 2015 in Classic White. But mine looks exactly like this one.
  5. I thought that was a good question, actually, as anyone familiar with Les Pauls would know Studio versions (being less expensive) have "smaller" bodies in that the tops are usually uncapped and flat which certainly reduces the cost. But there is no such "reduction" in the ES-335 body. If you are considering getting a '15-'16 Studio and are trying to determine if it is a "real" (not watered down) ES-335, the answer is yes, it is real. Mine has the excellent fit and finish that is typical of the recent years Memphis offerings. No shortcomings there just because it is a Studio. Less appointme
  6. Body and necks are the same. I checked mine to be certain, a 2016 vs 2016. The only difference I can find in construction is the "standard" is maple/poplar/maple 3 ply, and the studio is 3 ply maple. Sure a difference in pups, but body-wise the are both full gloss with body and neck binding. So the huge price difference can't be due to the same proportional cost.
  7. I assume you mean listed in the products page? Right now you'll see only models 2014 and newer are shown. But nowhere near every 2014+ models are shown. There are limited editions, and special runs for big dealers (Guitar Center, Musician's Friend, Sweetwater, etc.), and Japan that never are shown on the Gibson site. And some of the "out of the production" models are removed even though there is an "out of production" section. So not being there has nothing to do with them being forgotten. I have 3 outstanding Memphis ES models that were never on the Gibson site. I think that WH model i
  8. No, there is no Custom Shop at Memphis, just Nashville. The full answer is covered at other forums where the OP ask the same question. Years ago things were different, but the BL is the Custom Shop is Nashville only.
  9. Interesting. You made me look. At a glance the witch hats look a lot like the top hats of similar color in inserts, so it is easy to miss them. I have them on my 2015 Flying V and do like them. But neither do I recall seeing them on newer Gibsons until now. Nice looking 330 all in all!
  10. I don't things were misconstrued at all. You said "now I know there are some minor differences" and "these guitars listed here in this post are 98% the same" and "The point of all this is your paying for the name, that's all and that's it" and more. I (and others here) don't agree. There is nothing to misconstrue in those statements. Seems everyone can agree that EPIs are decent and better than before. And everyone can agree they are priced too high. But no way are differences as minute as you say.
  11. I don't "have to realize" anything here because I'm already quite aware of what you were saying. And simply put, just like brand name doesn't mean it is better, it also doesn't mean that it is worse. I have no doubt that I'm every bit as astute and knowledgeable a consumer as you and probably more so. Don't patronize me and suggest I overpaid for Gibsons I have. I doubt you ever paid less than I did for what I have. Don't underestimate someone just because they don't agree with you. I have all the evidence (hands on) I need to come to my conclusions, and your "opinions" don't change that
  12. First of all, I'll say they may have some bias, but they have definitely not always chosen the more expensive guitar. I actually find them to be be pretty much objective with more subjectivity in their personal tastes than in a bias for the business. Second, I do not agree with your comparative assessment at all. I don't know what you are comparing to what (that makes a huge difference), but speaking of several '16-'17 Gibson ES models and recent EPI dot and ES335 PROs, while I find the EPI PRO to be really decent and a great bang for the buck, it is not in the same league as the Gibsons. A
  13. The BB King is great, but not even a close representation of a Gibson 335 to make a fair comparison to an EPI, cost or otherwise. One would need to make exact comparisons to mean anything. A new EPI 335 Pro is specific enough. Now what year and model of what Gibson 345? They are all quite different.
  14. Congrats! Great looking and a great LP with the '59s. I have a 2015 with '59s and they are amazing. Really nail the classic LP sound. The specs you have from Gibson do differ from the LM specs, specifically the neck profile and the weight relief. Regardless, still a killer LP.
  15. I never noticed that your model didn't say Gibson on it, but now that you mention it, that is really strange that Gibson would do that. There may be others, but I can't even think of another Gibson that didn't have "Gibson" on the headstock. Heck, even some EPIs have "Gibson" on the headstock (truss rod cover, at least)!
  16. Actually slightly different. Mine is a 2016 model, notice the difference in the headstock. Lucille headstock I believe yours is a 2015 model? Or earlier?
  17. Like mine! Lucille front Lucille back
  18. I agree with your probable cause, but that indeed could have come that way. Flaws like that have passed though. And there are no seconds, so please don't say that like it could have been done. You can be sure that "seamless" pic you show is not seamless. Just well enough finished that you can't see it in that pic. A well finished neck joint will still show a seam, nothing wrong with that. But the finish does span the seam however small it is, and a few different things like even a slight flex can crack the finish there. A lot of vintage guitar show cracks there, and there is not a thing w
  19. As you know by now from your other forum posts, that is cosmetic. That is the neck joint where the neck meets the body. Shouldn't look like that of course, but that's what a cosmetic imperfection is. Don't know why, but as good as the recent years Memphis models are, they had an unusual number of problems with the Pelham Blue ES-345s.
  20. The ES-3x5 models coming out of Memphis the last few years have been outstanding as a whole from all accounts. You have a reissue which is a level above the "standard"s. But the "standard"s and even the Studios have been great. I very much like the MHS pups. I've heard some say they are not bright enough for them. I think they are more "historically accurate" though, and have no complaints. There have been some astounding buys on the 2016 Memphis lines, and I couldn't be happier that I cashed in on some.
  21. Yes, that certainly helps, thanks. It was good you did your homework. Warranty work may not ever come up in the future for me, but it is nice to know there is some latitude there. I hope having the warranty precludes the need for it!
  22. I understand your point of view, but I don't know where Gibson draws the line. "Reversibility" itself does not make the change *not* a modification. No matter what we "think" constitutes a modification, the only definition that matters in this case is Gibson's. So I'd still like to get this explained by Gibson.
  23. Looks like you have the 2014 model version of the 2016 that I have. Yours has the anchors under the Custom Made plate, mine doesn't have either.
  24. First of all, I'm really happy to hear they gave you such great customer service, and really gave it the care it deserved. That said, I'm surprised they honored the warranty because of the mods you said were done by the dealer. The Warranty clearly states that the Warranty does not cover "Any instrument that has been altered or modified in any way....." My question is to Stijn Vergeest (or other Gibson Customer Service): What is the explanation here? Did you decide to make and exception? I know this sounds like a complaint, but it is more like the opposite. The reason for the ques
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