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  1. Absolutely. Those 9 piece necks are a work of art. Now you can feel confident you have a proper bird. Congrats!
  2. I understand why you say that. My experience too. When I first got mine, aside from being blown away by the quality and play-ability, I was thinking "blues", of course. But the more (other things) I tried to do with it, the more apparent the versatility became. Put it in LP territory, plug it into a 100w Marshall and crank it up. Wow! Now there's a surprise! Not really too shocking when you think of the lack of F-holes and the pups used, as that help the high gain performance. But I think it is one of the "best kept secrets" of a Lucille. And I think you make a good point too s
  3. Not really, unless he is lying. VOS is a specific Gibson specification and applies to certain models. Not something decided by a seller. If a seller uses it to describe a non-VOS model, then he is simply lying. The OP ref to "Fender Fever Ltd" is to a seller on Reverb, not a particular guitar. I'm sure the " Historic Burst VOS " is in reference to a Gibson, and is thus used correctly.
  4. Since ES production was "just moved" from Memphis to Nashville, it matters a lot *when* it was made. When was yours made? Should have a sticker that either says Memphis or Nashville, regardless. I've seen no evidence that any ES models are no longer coming with COAs.
  5. I know the 339 us popular because it is smaller and lighter. Make no mistake about, though, it is not a 335. As far as I'm concerned, the 339 is compromised because of its size. Truth is virtually all of them are bought because of the smaller size, the sound and what they do is secondary. You won't find reviews saying they're being bought because they sound like 335, it is all about the size. Go play them, you'll see. If you like them despite the differences, fine.
  6. Agree. I know you have problems with this, but I think you are dead wrong when you say " through its pickups have all the tone of a proper Firebird unlike its more expensive brethren. " But if it your ears that are telling you that, then by all means follow your ears.
  7. Okay, you don't like the word budget, so you want to ignore the point altogether. Would you like to pick another word for "less expensive" and stay on topic? And speaking of words, the trapezoid is not a trademark. I can only guess you mean hallmark. And even your "rules" apparently allow *you* to make exceptions. No, I don't work for Gibson, but it is not too hard to see what they are doing. And it just isn't what they should be doing according to you. These forums are full of differing opinions of what Gibson should do (offered as facts, not opinions), Everybody is an exp
  8. The "new" A09 format is only used for a couple of the reissues, including the '59. No, Memphis has closed with all ES production now in Nashville.
  9. So $900 (47%!!!) more for gloss and flame. Gotta really want it bad for that difference. The Trad Pros have generally been good solid performers. I think they are totally off the mark being called "Traditionals". In reality should have been called "HP"s, equipped as they are. But it is just a name. I have a Trad Pro 3T and really like it all the way around. Nothing second class about it being a Dealer model.
  10. Wmachine

    ES339 ID

    Right, it is a real mess. I should have been more specific to say they *can* (and most Memphis ES models do) have a COA with no Custom Shop connection. As a side note, with new guitar purchases, I always make a point to keep the box labels . Especially with Gibson, they are pretty much as good as a COA, if not better.
  11. Right, it is kinda funky. Further ironic that the VOS means Vintage Original Spec, and yet its use seems relegated to the finish. Which never originally was aged. Pretty convoluted.
  12. Wmachine

    ES339 ID

    First I will say I know for sure this ME s/n format is legit. I've seen it before, and it was discussed and validated on forums, unfortunately I can't recall where this info was. COAs do *not* mean a Custom Shop connection. All Memphis ESs came with COAs (starting in 2008? See below). They were simply COAs for being Memphis made. Nothing to do with the Custom Shop. Thanks. I didn't know when they started the Memphis COAs. LPs only if they were Custom Shop. Far as I know, Custom Shop had COAs right from the beginning in '93. But not 100 certain on that.
  13. http://legacy.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/2019/USA/SG-Standard-2019.aspx I see Gibson has become much more limited with their on-site specifications. No answers there. But they do tell you it is gig bag and not a hard case!
  14. With all due respect to those that like them, I don't. I don't see how anyone can call them the "best of both worlds" as the certainly do not have the "best" of a solid body LP, nor the best of a 335. In reality, I think it it is a compromise of both. This applies to the ES-LP s with and w/o f-holes. Sure they have an "in between" sound that if someone likes it, fine. But it is not something that can't be covered by a 335 and an LP. And my guess is that is why they don't sell any better. Seems proponents always talk about how light it is. That seems to be the main selling point. BL
  15. Yes, it does. But that's not what it would be called by Gibson. If that is a real Gibson. Call or write to Gibson with your serial number, they will tell you all about it.
  16. Sorry, but it is indeed a "recreation", specifically called a reissue. Back then they could be had w/o varitone, and the MHS pups are the reissue pups Gibson uses. Not to mention all the other reissue-only specs. So it it hardly false advertising and it is no longer available because it is a 2015 model. I have a '64 ES-345 reissue with varitone and a Maestro (my avitar), and I love it, too. But that doesn't make this one an imposter.
  17. Both Ebay and Reverb have "sold" listings. That is where to look. But still take with a grain of salt.
  18. It does not look to be in a place where one would find structural damage, so even if you can feel it, it should not take much to smooth it up. It is, after all, used. If everything else checks out and it is a "good one", I wouldn't let that stop me. Are you sure that Explorer is "way lighter" than your Studio??
  19. ^this^ pretty wells says it. Yes, it is really good. It is not neutered, just less bling. It doesn't just say "Gibson", it says "ES-335" too. That cannot be said of other lesser models in other model lines. I have a 2016 along with other 3x5s, including reissues, so I can make a fair comparison. Good enough to be arguably more bang for the buck. Advice is as always, play as many as you can, and try to pick a good one.
  20. Not really any of that. Most model numbers of just about anything you can think of is a code, and it is only used to identify what it is. Model numbers virtually never spell out the info they contain. One has to expect that. Anyway, nice to see you're getting a good one! I'm sure you will really enjoy it!
  21. It is an M, and it is for the Maestro. That last digit 1 is not for "first quality". That's badly rumored meaning that is not only not true, it doesn't even make sense. A second would not change a model number! Gibson has not marked seconds for many year. And that marking has never been part of the model number, it was stamped on the guitar. And the guitars have never had the model number stamped on them. Anyway, Gibson wouldn't give me (or anyone else I know of) a direct answer as to what that digit does mean. Only my guess, but it may be the market it was made for, and 1 obviou
  22. Wmachine


    Yeah, but that's all insignificant detail hardly worth mentioning.
  23. Wmachine


    Okay, if that's your point, and not belittling the sig as is usually done, then I "take it back". Yes, good point then, too. it is a bit convoluted that his sig ends up on a modern SG even when it is supposed to honor him. I would even agree it would have been more appropriate to leave it off the SGs.
  24. I see that is really an entry level ES model. First I seen or heard of an ES model that didn't come with a hard case. "The new instant classic" Yeah, that's marketing for you. Guess they don't know how ridiculous that sounds.
  25. Wmachine


    You may think making fun of one of the last Les Paul signatures is funny, but that is just plain disrespectful. Not the least funny.
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