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  1. It just so happens I bought a new Heritage Cherry Sunburst Hummingbird (2015) a few days ago and oh my, what a beauty. Here's the excited review I fired onto Amazon later that day with a pic of my new baby :) "It's new guitar day here in sunny Glasgow - an apt aberration in the oft wet, wet, wet city of the west as my brand new heritage cherry sunburst Hummingbird shines as warm and tender as the morning dew of golden midsummer - and oh my, what a beauty she is to hold, behold and play. She's by far and away the loveliest looking guitar I've ever owned and probably the best acoustic guitar I've ever played barring one which trumps her for pure playability: although my Taylor Big Baby doesn't have the same sweet as honey-tone of the Hummingbird, she's been professionally setup by Jimmy Moon, my local luthier, and plays like a dream. So as far as playability is concerned, my Big Baby is just that bit better. I plan on taking my new baby to Jimmy in the next couple of weeks however - whenever I can find the strength and courage to be parted from her - and no doubt when she returns, she'll be the hands-down, all-round winner. I'm pleased to say there are no quality control issues to report; the guitar arrived in absolutely pristine condition, and with a small whiff of glue emanating from her sound hole, too, even though her date of birth seems to be sometime in April 2015. What's more, the hard case, finished in black and unobtrusively adorned with the Gibson insignia in gold-coloured lettering on the top and lined with soft padding on the inside, arrived in similarly superb condition, along with a spare set of strings, plectrum, leather keyring and product registration info. Top drawer all round. The only slight issue I suppose is the playability isn't where I want it to be as the action is higher than I'm used to; it's not high like you might find with a £10 guitar made in China, but it feels high compared to the low action on my Big Baby. As I said earlier though, Jimmy will sort that when I take her in for a setup. My desert island guitar is my classical by La Patrie - a modestly priced, but perfect for me guitar - and I'm immeasurably fond of my Big Baby, too, which in my mind at least, plays and sounds like a guitar costing much more than she did. But I think my new Hummingbird, who henceforth, shall be known as Mrs Jones, will sing for me forever and a day. Oh baby, me and Mrs Jones" Fwiw, I dropped her off at Jimmy's yesterday because the sooner he sets her up, the sooner I can play her to our potential. Derek
  2. I hear David Gilmour - although it does get a bit lively compared to his typical solos.
  3. It looked like the actress knew it was an expensive guitar because the horror that appeared on her face when she realised the guitar's fate seemed genuine ... as did her reaction when it happened. She even seemed to glance off set in a vain attempt to communicate without words what had just happened. Yeah, maybe she knew. I just watched it again and am sure she did as she says, 'Woah, woah, woah,' and I'm sure that's not authentic speech for a someone from them parts from that time :_
  4. haha, it's a pure shanner, so please feel no envy lol Okay, question to a mod; could we have a sticky gallery just for pics? Guitar porn is so underrated!
  5. I took a pic of my new, improvised hatstand and would like to place it in the stick gallery, but there doesn't seem to be one ... or is there? Fwiw, here's my new (Gibson guitar case) hatstand :)
  6. I collected my 175D and Big Baby from Jimmy Moon today after a pro setup and oh my, I'm impressed. Both guitars feel bang on and I now realise guitar manufacturers just make them so that they're in the vicinity of the sweetspot, whereas a luthier will zoom right in on the sweetspot! The 175D now has the Thomastiks on, and I instantly prefer them to the D'Addarios as the they feel smoother and seem frictionless compared to the D'Addarios. I'll collect my Classical next week, but as I told Jimmy as I was leaving, there's no rush because I expect to be busy with my other babies for a while :)
  7. Armageddon in that scenario would be choosing to spend four minutes with the love of your life instead of your wife! :D
  8. haha, playable and practical! Although a jumbo acoustic will probably do if you're as small as these players :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSedE5sU3uc
  9. I'd take my La Patris classical guitar because it's got a fair few bumps on it already and besides, it's my numero uno guitar :)
  10. Amazon are offering £10 off a £50 spend for one day only and the code is: BIGTHANKS The only caveat is: Amazon/Amazon Warehouse must be the seller - Marketplace orders fulfilled by Amazon don't qualify. I just ordered a bunch of stuff including strings and Dan Erlewine's Guitar Player:Repair Guide and had to add an £0.84 cork sanding block to nudge my order over £50 lol Go fill yer boots... :)
  11. I finally made arrangements to get my 175D, Taylor Big Baby and La Patrie classical guitars setup by my local luthier (Moon Guitars, Glasgow) as I dropped off my Gibson and Taylor with Jimmy Moon earlier on and when they're ready, I'll hand over my classical, too - I obviously didn't want to hand over all three at the same time and leave myself with none! And although my 175 has had D'Aaddario flats on it for only a few weeks, I'm keen to try the Thomastik flats, which is what I gave Jimmy to use, but if I find I prefer the D'Addario flats, I'll use them next time I change strings. Fwiw, I gave Jimmy Elixir Polywebs for my Big Baby and will give him D'Addario composite strings for my classical when I take it to him next week. Fwiw #2, I briefly played one of his own guitars (a Moon acoustic) and there's no doubt about it, it's a proper guitar with first class finishing. If I had one of them (if I could afford one), I'd stick D'Addarion Polywebs on to add some warmth, but regardless, it's a damn fine instrument and playing it gave me confidence that if anyone can bring the best out of my guitars, it's Jimmy :)
  12. I've been using Elixer strings on my Big Baby Taylor since I bought it new about 10 years ago and only just now discovered the difference between their nanoweb and polyweb strings: polyweb strings are coated more generously and produce smoother and warmer tones than the thinner coated nanoweb strings, which produce brighter tones by comparison. This explains why I've put Exlixer strings on my Taylor in the past and haven't heard the sweet sound I expected because, as I now know, I prefer the smooth and warm tones of the polyweb strings and when I've asked for Elixer coated strings in my local instrument shops, simply used whichever type I was handed, doh! I've got nanowebs on my guitar just now (I know that because I keep the packet of guitar strings currently in use so I don't forget what's on and fwiw, I write the date they were strung up on the packet so I know how long it's been since they were changed), but when I buy my next set, I'll be sure to ask for polywebs lol http://www.elixirstrings.co.uk/support/polyweb-nanoweb.html
  13. Although I'm 100% Glaswegian, I had the best three months of my life in Namibia in '97 and Windhoek is its capital city - and where I have many fond memories of a certain lady in a certain hotel :) Oh, and my avatar is Greta Garbo. Why? Why not - I mean, who doesn't like looking at Greta Garbo!?
  14. Although it's early days, I like the flats because they produce smooth, warm tones rather than bright and bouncy tones, which matches well with my desire to play jazzy music - admittedly, an aspiration rather than fact at present. If I found myself mostly playing pop/rock, I doubt I'd keep using them, but as it is, they're ideal for the sort of music I am playing :)
  15. You're probably right about my phone's lens; I hardly ever use it to take photos, so it probably does need a clean. You're also probably right about the floating bridge, but as the intonation is pretty good after the restring, I'm happy to leave it alone till it needs to be corrected.
  16. I sometimes wonder when one more guitar is too many and all I can think of, is when I have to sleep outside 'cos there's no space left for me. If that's the case, then I've got a lot of collecting to do lol :)
  17. Here's my first group photo; sorry it's a bit naff, I'm not smart enough to get the best out of my phone ;)
  18. Best wishes to all from me and Greta (my avatar) in Glasgow :)
  19. This is one of my favourite videos - even though it sounds like it's been recorded in a cupboard under the stairs :) Complicated Universal *** - I Can Hardly Wait EDIT: I can't figure out how to make it play from forum, hence the link.
  20. I put the D'Addario flatwounds (12-52 light) on today and so far, I really like them. They feel weirdly great - or perhaps greatly weird, I'm not sure - and I like the tones too. I'm also impressed with how well they stay in tune considering I only put them on a few hours ago - although that might be because I'm used to retuning strings for days whenever I put new strings on my classical, but regardless, they tune up and stay tuned up quite well. I'll try the Thomastic flats next and if they're not as nice as the D'Addarios, then I think I might have found my ideal archtop strings :) Fwiw, I restrung one at a time because the bridge seems to be bang on the money as far as intonation goes and with the aid of a one pence and a ten pence piece (the latter is just 0.1mm shy of being identical in thickness to a Nickel), confirmed the action is pretty good as is - my fingers also tell me that - and I'd probably need a luthier to improve it, so will leave it at that as far as setup goes.
  21. Some good suggestions there; especially about using coins as a good starting point. I live in the UK and have seen a couple of Youtube vids whereupon the ideal action has been described in fractions of an inch and I've no idea what they're on about, but thankfully the US Mint provides specifications for their coins and what's more, in metric! Fwiw, the measurements are: Cent: 1.52mm Nickel: 1.95mm A US Cent just happens to be the same thickness as a UK penny, but none of the current UK coins are the thickness of a Nickel: a 2 pence and 10 pence piece come close at 1.85mm. I've got some Euro coins as well as some international coins, so I'll see if I can find one that's a tad thicker, but still less than 2mm thick.
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