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  1. Hi Mr p.....[thumbup]


    Do we assume an Epiphone here?


    Korean quality is generally excellent and provides superb VFM....[thumbup]


    There are alternatives from other manufacturers which may be worth looking at for comparison.....


    Some folks happily purchase and maintain their guitars and basses themselves


    Others enlist the support of a technician to check electrics and ensure optimum 'set up' when required.....[thumbup]






    Hi Versatile


    Yeah it's an Epi, I can't do full fat Gibsons as I'm allergic to the nitro coating! Thanks for the info, I guessed that a Korean would be better than the Chinese modern examples (the knobs are on straight for example!), but it's good to have it verified. I am buying from a guitar store here in Exeter, so they would have checked it out and sorted any issues (and I'll at least get some form of warranty). The action seemed fine and comfortable to me, so I will sit with it for a while before seeing if I feel I need it tweaked. I can't wait for the 21st as that's when I'll be getting it.

  2. Hi All


    I have just put a deposit on an 05 Korean built Thunderbird, is there anything I should be wary of with these models? It looks great and plays very nicely, but this is my first step into the world of bass, so I know next to nothing. Any feedback would be welcome.

  3. I have just put a deposit on an 05 Korean built Thunderbird, is there anything I should be wary of with these models? It looks great and plays very nicely, but this is my first step into the world of bass, so I know next to nothing. Any feedback would be welcome.


    -- Sorry I forgot to put this in the bass forum. Please delete this --

  4. I have owned a couple of Epi Les Pauls and each time the knobs have been wonky. This is just how they are put on, the pots themselves are fine. You just need to remove the knobs and carefully reattach them. I use a bandanna and wrap it aorund the shaft underneath the knob and pull up. Some people seem to think a shoe lace is best, but whatever works for you. IMPORTANT - if you have coil splitting pots tou need to pull the swithch out first, then remove the knob, this will help to prevent too much force being applied to the coil tap and breaking the shaft.


    Oh and welcome to the forum by the way! You have a very nice looking guitar there.

  5. I found this guitar online for arround 175 usd and i love the looks of it, but im not so sure on the price.


    I thought of asking here for your opinion.


    Its supposedly in great condiition with all original hardware.


    Would you buy this?


    I'm not convinced by it to be honest. I am not a Wilshire expert, (I'm sure someone here will step up to that plate) but even doing a quick Bing image search shows that the scratch plate and controls look all wrong for the Wilshire. Also the price says be wary. The only new one in the current Epi line up is the Phanto-matic version which Sweetwater are selling for $549. Vintage ones on reverb.com are going for thousands.


    I tend to live by the maxim, 'If it looks too good to be true, it usually is', especially when it comes to guitars. I know that I may miss an uber bargain, but I also won't waste money on a dud.


    Oh and welcome on board by the way!!

  6. It's great to see that Epi has at least got a new Firebird (http://www.epiphone.com/Products/Electrics/Designer/Ltd-Ed-Joe-Bonamassa-Treasure-Firebird-I.aspx), but it's just a damn shame that it's a Firbird 1 and is a JB signature model. I know that I will be treated with derision here, but I find JB to be rather fake. I always get wound up by middle class white boys playing the blues, and yes they are playing at it, not livng it! For a true (Epiphone playing) modern blues man, try Gary Clarke Jr.


    Sorry about that side alley there, I do really hope this sells well and encourages Epi to put out another model with 2 pickups in, hell why not do an Allen Collins model with a dog ear P90 in the bridge and the bridge mini 'bucker moved to the neck.

  7. I'd agree with the other posters here, you really don't need a roller bridge or locking tuners to maintain stable tuning with the Bigsby. Oh you will get people tell you that the tone is much cleaner than with a TOM bridge, but all I can say is that Gretsch use TOMs on their stock models, and many don't have locking tuners either. Never had an issue with mine. As you say, you won't be dive bombing with it, or you'd be putting a Floyd on instead of a Bigsby (I'd hope!).


    Install the Bigsby and see how it plays for you, if you think it will benefit from upgrades, then go for it. But if you like it the way it is, well there you go. Most of all, have fun with it!


    Lovely Casino by the way, and welcome aboard.

  8. Hello


    Im new to the site and just got a Les Paul standerd I play Heavy Metal and classic rock

    was just wondering what pick ups some of you use in your Les Paul? just needing a little FRIENDLY



    Thank you



    Hi Jeff


    Welcome on board and congrats on joining the family! The stock pickups are great for classic rock, but if you want to experiment without spending too much cash try Iron Gear pickups (http://www.axetec.co.uk/guitar_parts_uk_069.htm) They do a range of options from pure Kosoff/Page/green type to full on metal. I'm sure you'll find your new best friend in there somewhere...


    Oh and +1 on the pics!

  9. I am in the process of upgrading my LP Traditional Pro and I was thinking about switching out the pickups and have stumbled across a pickup manufacturer called Iron Gear. They seem to be getting some excellent reviews for their pups, so I am currently toying with a set of their Rolling Mill with overwound bridge for £60 for the pair (from Axetech in the UK). I am wanting to have a crackj at the Jimmy Page wiring for it and wondered if anyone here has any experience of Iron Gear Pickups? I know there are reviews on their site, but being a cynical old git, I tend to distrust these. I have done the obligatory You Tube search which has a few people playing them, but not many actual reviews.


    So far in the upgrading I have replaced all of the plastics with black versions (I have a Wine Red LP and the cream just didn't do it for me), I am going to replace the pots with push/push pots for ease of switching whilst playing and I will change the capacitors as well.

  10. Hey everyone, got a new blues song. Think I may have a hit record on my hands. Here's a sample verse.



    SG player made me burn my Epiphone.


    Now I got nothing to play.


    But I sleep soundly at night, dreaming about accordions.




    I know his avatar says he's an Advanced Member. I'm not sure about advanced, but he sure as hell is a member!

  11. Sorry you ended up with a fake. It seems one of the giveaways on most fakes of modern Gibson Les Pauls (and by extension it seems the Epi's as well) can't get the stop bar tail piece distance right. This one is too far back. The stop bar on my 2014 Traditional Pro is further forward than the neck volume dial, whereas yours appears to be in the middle of it.


    Like everyone here, I can't understand why anyone would fake an Epiphone, surely it can't be economically viable. [confused] But before writing it off permanently (who knows, your serial number may actually be the one other fakes have copied!) I'd have a chat with Gibson's customer service just to make sure.

  12. Annyway, Epiphone's are not "copies". They are a guitar in their own right and no one claims them to be Gibsons. A copy is a replication of an original purporting to be what they copy. Epi, and other manufactures of similar guitars, produce a shape which is no longer original or owned by one particular brand of manufacture.


    OMG! Copies








    A valiant attempt Smokey, but I have been tilting at that particular windmill for a while. He is incapable of grasping the concept that Epis are not copies. I think he needs a software upgrade.

  13. Who are you Junior Jr III ?


    A poor Epicop copy ? [flapper][biggrin][biggrin]


    ???? Why the snottiness towards Junior? All he did was ask which of the guitar photos you keep posting, you actually own. There's no need for that sort of hostility.


    Also I am dying to know, if you dislike Epiphones so much, why do you hang out here?


    And PLEASE, for the love of whatever deity you happen to subscribe to, don't respond with another picture of a random Gibson.

  14. Hi alexfan


    Welcome and I do agree with everyone here and recommend going to play one and see if it fits you. I have an Epi Les Paul Traditional Pro which is a fantastic guitar, but as has been stated, if you're coming from a strat, then it could be a big jump. Another guiter I will definitely recommend would be a Gretsch 5439 Pro Jet, now I may get pilloried for recommending something that isn't an Epi or Gibson, but the Pro Jet is a great guitar. You can get it either with a Bigsby or without one. These guitars are the half way point between a Tele and a Les. Just saying.

  15. I was thinking of dicking about with the wiring on my Les Paul and thought of doing a Jimmy Page wiring job. Does anyone have a clear diagram I could use please?


    I have found a few online, but not being an electrical engineer, I do get a bit lost. [unsure]


    I do already have two extra push pots, my LP has coil splits already, so half the job has been done for me.

  16. LOL!!!


    I feel your pain, I too work as an IT support type and have for many years.


    you know it's not all what it's cracked up to be in the MIT Technical Institute commercials is it? hahaha! (hey, some one has to know how to make this crap go right??)


    at least he posted a different SG photo this time right????


    Glad to se there's someone out there that understands... I often wonder what stse the world would be in if all us IT techies went on strike for a week.


    I love the ads here in the UK that say you can earn shed loads of cash being a support tech. I've been at it for 20 years or so, and have yet to find this pot of gold. Sorry to hear it's the same Stateside.

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