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  2. So I just bought this guitar last week (pictures linked at the bottom) and got it shipped to my house. I finally got it yesterday and over all the guitar is in great shape. I took it outside to take pictures and I noticed the binding around the horn, to the neck looked like it had a small gap or crack in it. The crack is flush with the binding and top. It's not on any other part of the guitar but the right side. Has anyone seen anything like this? And how can I go about fixing this? I'm leaving the guitar in a case with a humidifier hoping that will help. PICTURES: http://imgur.com/gallery/61y8FKq
  3. Could it possible be a gold top that has been refinshed? Looking through serial numbers the last number I can find for 1969 was 972864 so this guitar could be a very very late 69
  4. Thinking about buying this if I can, not too sure about the value as I'm finding it hard to find anything about this year. It appears to be a tobacco burst, they have it listed as a honey burst. He has the orginal pickups, case, strap, bridge and tail piece along with the stuff he added. For what it is it's in good shape for me! If I can get any more information about it that would be much appreciated! HERE IS THE LINK https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1817625168303760
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