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  1. I just acquired a single pickup double cut Melody Maker. The serial number indicates it is a 1964. It is the yellow/black burst, but I thought they had switched to red by then? Also, I measure the scale length at about 23". Not 24.75, but not the 18.56 of the "3/4 scale" models. Not sure what is going on. Any thoughts? It came to me very cheaply, as it has a broken headstock, damaged Kluson tuners, a non-original wraparound bridge and a white cover on the pickup. I am repairing the headstock and have ordered replacement tuners, cover and bridge. At that point I will string it up and test it. I had a "D" model back in the mid-80s. Don't remember the exact year but it was a red double cut. I liked the original pups and would not want to switch to a P-90. I already have a home-made Jr. and a Gibson LP Special.
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