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  1. You know, there are some really interesting things we are seeing as a result of the pandemic. I had two patients when we were at our "peak" here. One woman in her 60s, another in her 70s. Coincidentally both on the same day. They both had an odd looking pneumonia/pneumonitis. They were both pretty sick and both ended up in the ICU for a few days. At that point, anyone that sick got tested for everything. They both ended up testing negative for Covid and influenza. We also did viral respiratory panels on them which tests for a variety of relatively rare viruses and oddly one had RSV. That's a virus that causes bronchiolitis in young children. Adults can get it but it is typically just like a common cold as far as severity. The other person tested negative for everything. So who knows what that was. Maybe a false negative test? Anyway, point is that it's not always easy to know what someone has just based on symptoms and "what's going around". Other things like people with insanely low oxygen levels but minimal to no symptoms. Normal respiratory rates and other vital signs, awake alert and comfortable. Strange. Apparently they are not oxygenating very well (but well enough), but, they are able to blow off CO2 relatively normally. Weird stuff.
  2. People seeking medical care is absolutely an indicator of severity. You could almost forget every other number and just look at hospitalizations and deaths. And, yes, at our drive through site they are charged for a visit because they are evaluated by a health care provider (either a PA or Nurse Practitioner) in person in the drive through.
  3. It's uncharted territory. We'll see what happens.
  4. Yeah, based on how low the numbers are there it doesn't seem like it's quite run it's course yet. I don't know how much testing you are actually getting done there so that may be an issue. But, unless it has run through the population and there is large scale immunity I would expect it to surge when the conditions for respiratory viruses improve. You make a good point that peoples behaviors are going to be different and that may change things a little but I think it's gonna just do it's thing.
  5. And what happened to these people you know who so badly needed a doctor and a test but got neither? Did they survive? That gets to the other point you made which is correct, that people are going to doctors ER and urgent care less. People say the virus is widespread and it is. But if it makes people so sick why are they not seeking care? It's because they're not getting very sick. That's why the ILI graph is so good because like I said, it reflects the overall severity and burden of ILI activity.
  6. Man that's great. The CDC and NIH still think we need a test. They don't know that all people need are your phone numbers so they can call you and you'll tell them if they have it based on hospital stats and their symptoms!
  7. So that's the standard now? How do we know they didn't?? Do you know how many things cause flu like symptoms? Hum, that's right, you don't.
  8. Who is "they"? Who says you can only get tested at a hospital? Simply not true.
  9. First of all, it's not my chart. It's the CDC's chart. So, of all the people you know who "had this virus", who didn't go to a doctor and couldn't get a test, how do you know they had it?
  10. Here's the latest ILI graph from the CDC. This reflects "influenza-like-illness" activity across the US. That includes Covid illnesses. It's not based on tests or deaths but rather medical visits for flu like illness/symptoms. It's not specific for anything but it is a good indicator of the overall illness burden and trend. We are now well below baseline and falling fast.
  11. My primary risk for exposure is going to work. Should I stop working? Should all doctors stop working? Maybe anyone who hasn't had the virus yet should be killed because they could get it and if so they could spread it. That would save lives, right? BTW, you do know that we use PPE and that if a health care worker becomes ill we are out for 2 weeks for patient safety.
  12. How is my recognition of the reality that I've either already had, or will likely get this infection disrespectful to anyone?
  13. That's me now. I used to like thin necks like the "modern slim taper D". Now I really don't like those at all. They're thin but to me they feel like they have thick shoulders which, to me, makes feel wider if that makes sense. My favorite are the R0 V2 necks but the ES-339 I recently got has a thick neck like a '59 but it doesn't feel really any different to me than the V2 necks because it has soft shoulders. It wasn't until I actually measured it that I realized how thick it was.
  14. If I were over 60 and/or had health conditions, I'd stay the hell away from it. Since I'm not in either category (although by age I'm getting close) I'm not very concerned about it. Plus, I know that if I haven't already had it, it's only a matter of time until I do. But I actually think I've already had it.
  15. In the Northern Hemisphere there will be a lull over the summer. Then there may be a "second wave" when the flu season starts up again. But it most likely won't be anything like this was. Too many people have already had it. I suspect the Southern Hemisphere will likely have a big uptick when their Flu season starts which is basically now.
  16. Those numbers sound like positive tests. That doesn't really tell you how "fast it's spreading". Right now across the country, testing capability is really ramping up. Where I live, testing has been very restrictive. Only for very high risk people. In the last 10 days or so that's been opened up to nearly "anyone who wants one" can get a test. So when you have an infection that causes so many asymptomatic and minimally symptomatic cases the numbers of positive tests will go up by definition as you expand testing. From what I can see (on worldometers) it looks like your daily deaths in PA are going down a lot. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/usa/pennsylvania/
  17. I've seen reports of increased domestic violence and child abuse, presumably due to people being cooped up together too much (which is really sad when you think about). I wonder if there are more virtual fights o the internet too?
  18. I'm not squeamish about much of anything. I'm not offended by caskets. I'm just pointing out that you are trying to be offensive whether you want to admit it or not. You do it all the time.
  19. Oh, sorry, I thought you were looking for a safe space. I agree it's mindless gibberish, but it ain't my mindless gibberish.
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