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  1. And neither was your comment about caskets. And that's not the only one you've made like that. Some people like to dish it out, but they can't take it. People have said really nasty things to me and others here and when we fight back you cry foul. Toughen up.
  2. Nothing you just said has anything to do with anything I've said about remdesivr. Nothing is stopping anyone from doing combination drug studies regardless of what this study shows. I also never said anyone should wait for something better. All I pointed out was the actual results of the study. The rest is just you making stuff up.
  3. I completely understand that. For anyone who is older and/or with underlying illness it's not a good choice to have to make. Maybe they will have to make a choice not to work. Right now there are many people who don't have a choice, they are being forced not to work.
  4. I'm just trying to make it clear what the drug actually does and doesn't do. It has nothing to do with how I feel. If you don't understand that I would be more impressed by a drug that actually reduced mortality, then I don't know what to say.
  5. Just to be clear on Remdesivir, the best available study so far shows a small, but statistically significant, benefit in recovery time but not mortality. The raw data did show a reduction of mortality from 11% to 8% but when subjected to statistical analysis it was not significant. In other words, no clear benefit. What that means from a practical standpoint is that the people who were going to recover anyway recovered a little faster and the ones who were going to die anyway still died. Not so great.
  6. The people are going to open the country, not the governors. Puts a smile on my face.
  7. Virtual visits for health care have been around for a while but not really mainstream and really underutilized. Because of the pandemic we are seeing much more of that. There are a lot of things like chronic disease management which makes up a huge chunk of doctor visits could be done virtually. Sick visits should mostly still be in person. Hopefully it will continue and even grow. It would be better for everyone I think. It should be faster, easier, and less expensive. It would also allow for doctors to see more patients and since we have a shortage of doctors that would certainly help.
  8. Look at the graph of daily deaths from Sweden. There are lots of spikes but the trend suggests that they probably peaked about 10 days ago and are coming down. And the absolute numbers are small. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/sweden/
  9. You keep going for the shiny object. Spikes don't matter, trends matter. Spikes can be caused by all kinds of things. Also, since deaths are a lagging indicator those deaths came from infections that started weeks ago. Also, both of those states have shelter in place orders. Are they working? Blanket shelter in place orders have never been done for something like this. It's not proven science. The science is quarantine the sick and protect the vulnerable. The problem is that since there are so many asymptomatic and minimally symptomatic people you can't really quarantine them all because you don't know who they are and there are too many of them. Then, If you make everyone stay home, now you are clustering people inside small spaces where it is the ideal situation to spread the virus. I just don't see any of it working very well.
  10. He was 68 at the time of that show. He does look well preserved. I think he looks a lot like Chuck Norris. I remember reading somewhere that he trained in JKA Karate. Now I can only find some vague references to that on the internet so I'm not sure if it's true or not.
  11. The one who has been proven wrong many, many times. That one.
  12. Me belittling and bulling people who disagree with me? What are you smoking man? I'm the one who has disagreed with the "mainstream" and the angry bullying has been directed toward me for doing so. Whether you want to admit it or not, people here have been very angry and bitter towards me about this. He mentioned that he worked in health care in an attempt to give himself added credibility in this discussion. He brought it up, not me. I don't think he has any background in medicine or science. That is being deceptive. That is a lie.
  13. Went out to Wilco today and got some supplies. Herbicides, plants for the garden, some fittings I needed for my sprayer. Also stopped at my "water pump" shop and got 20 bags of salt. Then hit the post office. Everything seemed more normal than not. Everyone social distanced (I was social distancing before social distancing was cool). But, people circulated freely. People are getting it. We'll be done with this soon.
  14. Our businesses are our economy. Money is our economy. When the government shuts down our businesses and interrupts peoples income, and their own income from tax revenue that shuts down the economy.
  15. Actually, this created some great buying opportunities for me. Anything I lost with existing investments will also come back. I'm not worried at all. Oh, I understand it very well. You mentioned in a earlier post that you previously worked in health care. What did you do?
  16. And the only solution you see to that is shutting down the entire economy?? Are you out of your mind? People can find ways to deal with it. Will things have to change? Of course. Can it be done without shutting down the entire economy and confining people to their homes? Of course. We have spent at least 6-7 trillion dollars on this so far. There are lots of people out of work right now that would love to have jobs taking care of kids after school. Maybe those kids in your example would have to stay with the parents in PR. Nah, that would never work. They shouldn't have to sacrifice anything. Just shut down the world instead. That's ridiculous.
  17. Exactly what data do we have now about masks that we didn't have before this?
  18. Which is precisely why I have posted numerous links to information from physicians and scientists from Stanford, Harvard and other less-rando-dude practicing physicians who are saying the same thing that I am saying.
  19. OK. Are you ready? This is really complicated so pay attention and take notes. Have someone else do it.
  20. You know, there are ways to address that and all the other issues without a permanent shelter in place order. Or, maybe you don't.
  21. So as professionals when we see someone make mistakes we shouldn't point them out, acknowledge them? Especially in science and medicine? We should just look the other way? Don't dare question authority? Great idea.
  22. I'm not sure what you mean. But, the presence of measurable antibodies should offer some level of protection from future infection for some period of time. Don't forget that the virus is here and won't go away any time soon, if ever. Remember we had H1N1 in 2009 and it sickened and killed a lot of people. We still have it. It still circulates but our immune systems are better prepared for it so it makes us less sick now. With SARS and MERS (two other coronaviruses), they both appeared, caused infections and then "disappeared", or at least don't cause any "noticable" infections/outbreaks anymore.
  23. Yes, there is evidence of immunity to the coronavirus family broadly. There is also empirical evidence going on right now in that where there are outbreaks, people do not appear to be getting infected again.
  24. Agree with him about what? He's made a few big mistakes in this. First he said this was not going to be a problem for us in the US, remember that? Then he said we shouldn't wear masks because they would make things worse. Now he thinks everyone should wear a mask. Then they asked him when we should re-open to which he said when there are no new cases. Really? None? When is that going to happen? Then he said that we could lift the shutdown when we have a vaccine. I was reading about the '17-'18 Flu season and I saw an interesting number. CDC says that around 60,000 people died from Flu that year. They estimated that around 5000 lives were saved by the Flu vaccine. That's not very impressive. The point is everyone keeps talking about the vaccine that we don't have, that we don't know effectiveness of, that's going to save us all. He's obviously a smart guy but disaster preparedness is apparently not his thing. Him, Redfield (CDC), et al, were caught flat footed on this. Why did we have no PPE stockpile? Why didn't we have a plan in advance for a respiratory virus pandemic? Everyone knew we would have one, I mean another one. NIH, CDC and FEMA should have had all that worked out in advance instead of the Keystone Cop approach. Other than that I agree with him completely.
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