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  1. This guy is a PhD in epidemiology from Harvard. He can't possibly know anything about this. https://www.spiked-online.com/2020/04/29/delaying-herd-immunity-is-costing-lives/
  2. Only for the Custom Shop models. When the ES guitars were still made in Memphis, some had COAs even though they were not historic spec or Custom Shop. Some Memphis Custom Shop guitars were also started in Memphis and finished in Nashville, I think. But that's all a bit sketchy, maybe someone else knows more details.
  3. Yep. Great song. I see there's a set list down below the video that I didn't see before.
  4. Most of their "hit" songs are more toward the end but the whole thing is really good.
  5. Boy? OK. So you have some family in law enforcement and nursing. Both noble professions. How many doctors have told you they believe in the quarantine? Not someone you know who knew someone who knew someone. I have posted plenty of supporting evidence for my positions. I'm pretty much finished with you.
  6. They've had a lock down since 3/23. Over a month. It doesn't work.
  7. I just now read this which some may find interesting. https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/coronavirus-front-line-nyc-daniel-murphy
  8. After this post, I'm backing way off on this because I don't really want to spend this much time arguing about it. But I will say a couple more things. Trump is backed into a corner. If he's seen as not doing enough they'll blame him for every single death. Actually, they already are. Also, he's largely following the guidance of his medical advisors so he can just say that he did what they advised. How many have you spoken to? I speak to many all the time. I've even heard my local Infectious Disease experts express real doubt about all this privately but they won't say a word publicly. Don't forget that public health experts are political too. There are many who are brave enough to speak out in many media outlets that you can find, if you look.
  9. Watched this last night and thought it was really good. Rodgers plays with Deborah Bonham's band. I'd never heard of them or Pete Bullick. Not bad.
  10. That's true. And as each day goes by with numbers falling the governors won't be able to keep a lid on it. The momentum will grow and we'll get back to normal.
  11. You're funny. After all the cheap shots, insults and BS you post, you get called out, then you wanna kumbaya over a pretty guitar pic? Why can't you just be polite? I'll discuss anything with anyone. It's when people get nasty that you have problems.
  12. Oh, and don't forget that those numbers are falsely elevated because you don't have to know if someone has the virus to say they died from it!!! That's freekin hilarious. Trust your leaders!!! LOL.
  13. I would find a good tech and let them take a look at it.
  14. Neither of those things mean it's spreading fast. It does mean there are a lot of cases now but we don't know how long it took to get there. There is evidence now that the virus was circulating in California as early as early December. China reported it's first cases to the WHO on 12/31/19 (or so they say). So we know they had to have there for at least a month before that based on the California data, and probably earlier. Also, we knew we were having a worse than normal Flu season and lots of cases of Flu like illness that were testing negative for Flu. I know, because I was testing them myself. We all just thought it was a bunch of false negatives, which do happen. In hindsight, they were probably Covid. So it's been around here for a long time. Antibody testing from New York now indicates that around 2.7 million people have had it in NY State. There was an outbreak in a prison in Ohio where they found around 2000 out of 2500 inmates got it but 95% had no symptoms at all from it (https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-prisons-testing-in/in-four-u-s-state-prisons-nearly-3300-inmates-test-positive-for-coronavirus-96-without-symptoms-idUSKCN2270RX). So it causes little to no symptoms in the vast majority that get it. That's why it spread so far before we could figure it out. Vaccines are a pipe dream. We have never had any effective vaccine for a Coronavirus. There are lots of reasons for that and there is no reason to believe that we'll get an effective vaccine for this virus. And if we do it will take at least a year, probably longer. Drugs? We don't have any. Not for the cold or any coronavirus. We don't even have decent medication for Influenza. There are a couple new ones that will be available soon but the ones we have now are not effective. Again, even if they can get one, it's a long way off before it hits the market. So what do we have? We have a virus that makes most people not very sick or not sick at all. We also know who does get very sick from it. So what should we do? Shut down the entire World indefinitely? No. We should protect our vulnerable and let the virus run it's course and hope that we get herd immunity, which we probably will. Yes, I know immunity is not proven yet but, that is most likely what will happen and it's really all we've got.
  15. Who died from hydroxychloroquine because of Trump? I haven't seen that anywhere and Google comes up negative. Do you have a source? And it's not a straw man. The reports were all over the news. They still are. You claim you didn't see them, I doubt it.
  16. Who says? And you're using the wrong tense. It's already spread, that's the point. You can't take the butter back off the bread.
  17. See what? That we had more deaths from the this pandemic? Of course. That's not the point.
  18. So you're saying the shutdowns in the US failed then, is that right?
  19. You're gonna try again? If I haven't gotten through to you yet, I'm not gonna. The bitter disapproval some have for everything I say proves this is purely political. Everyone knows it. Just admit it. I've put up historic facts, data, analysis and explanations that you don't seem to understand. It's been 27 years since I started learning about this in medical school. Apparently I can't teach you all that on this forum.
  20. So what? the CDC estimates for Flu deaths in 2017-2018 was 61,000. The fact that you think it's funny that I might be dead reveals your mentality.
  21. What did I say that was not true? I point out your false statements and suggestions and you respond that I drink kool-aid?
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