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  1. Thanks again to everyone for the advice, all good. I do particularly like the advice to go with a head and cabinet. To that end, I just ordered a Blackstar HT1R. With that, I can use it as is for now and add a cabinet later if I like it (which i think i will). Thanks again to everyone for answering these basic questions but I don't have any guitar playing friends and I live far from any place I can easily try these for myself. 1 tiny little watt, who woulda thought... we'll see, but I do have high hopes.
  2. Thanks for the helpful replies. I think you are all saying what I thought you might. Basically that a good tube amp is what i need. I don't gig, just play for myself. so I don't need a lot of wattage. but I do want good tone. I play late 60's-70's rock, Zeppelin, Skynyrd, CCR, Aerosmith, etc. So far my experience with modeling has not been good but, the reviews of the Fender mustang are generally good, and it sounds good on demos. But, as I said, the other modeling amps I've actually tried have not lived up to reviews and demos. So that leaves me with which tube amp. I kind of like the Bugera V22 demos I've heard. It is a little less expensive than a Marshall, for example. I don't know if the lower price is a reflection of quality (it usually is...). Maybe a Marshall is the way to go. I'd like to stay under $600-700 if I can.
  3. Hi all. So, I am a struggling newbie. I have a Fender Champion 20. I don't like it. sounds bad to me. I almost never use it. I normally practice with a Line 6 pocket pod using headphones. That sounds pretty good to me. I normally use the "heavy - huge brit gain" setting. I have tried a Bugera V5 infinium that I did not like very much. sounded poor. I think maybe it was the small speaker?? Then I tried a Marshall Code 25. To my surprise, I didn't like any of the presets. I spent several days trying to tweek the tone using the presets as a starting point but could never get anything I liked. Next, I tried a Marshal MG30cfx. That sounds the best of all but still not "great". So now I am looking at a Fender mustang II vs a Bugera V22. I like the reviews and demos of both. I like the idea of the presets on the Fender but the demos of the Marshall sounded good but when I actually had the amp and tried it I thought it sucked. One question I have is, can you use pedals through SS amps, or a modeling amp, or are they really intended for use with tube amps? Any advice would be appreciated.
  4. I was not sure what to call this thread. It is not a complete review or comparison at all. Just my observations (as a beginner). I have been playing for a little over a year. I started on Epi's. I have a Plus top pro and a Tribute plus. I thought they were both great guitars to play, especially for a beginner. I felt there was a lot of quality for the money. With the release of the 2017 Gibsons, there are now great LPs at really low prices. I picked up a 2017 Tribute T faded sunburst for a cool $899. All I can say is wow! This is not to bash Epis at all. I love them. But, the Gibson is a whole different deal. I'm sure there are many factors. I think one of the main differences is the fact that it's Plek'd. But, whatever it is, it is a much more playable guitar. The feel, the action, fretting strings is all much better/easier (yes, I did have setups done on the Epi's). The sound, tone and sustain all noticeably better. It just seems like a better instrument overall. The fact that you can get all that for just a little more than a high end Epi is an eye opener. Sure, the Tribute T does not have the great AAA top and the finish but it is a great player.
  5. To me, a Strat is like a mustang convertible with a 289 and skinny tires. A LP is like a Chevelle SS with a big block.
  6. Page played Telecasters early on then used a Strat for the entire presence album and used a Strat for In The Evening on the Knebworth tour. But when i think of Page I see LPs.
  7. Thanks for the replies. I have read this in some customer reviews and other unfavorable critiques of Epiphones. Didn't think it was correct, at least not with their current products.
  8. I have a Tribute Plus that is perfect. However, it took a couple tries to get it. I purchased one from Amazon. It arrived beat to crap and damaged. I sent it back and they sent me another one with similar damage. The boxes looked like they were drug here behind the UPS truck rather than carried in the truck. I gave up on amazon and ordered the same guitar from the evil Guitar Center. Apparently they have their products shipped in the truck because it arrived in perfect condition just like my Plus Top Pro and my Black Beauty. They are great guitars, BTW.
  9. So I have read a few times that Epiphones have a "sticker" applied to the top for the finish, even for the "burst" finishes. When looking at these guitars, they all appear to have different wood grain and color variations. Doesn't seem like a sticker to me.
  10. Sorry if this has been asked before. I did a quick search and didn't find anything. Thanks.
  11. I have a Epi LP Black Beauty. I have a Bigsby installed with a Vibramate. I want to get rid of the Vibramate and install the Bigsby directly. To do that I need to remove the tailpiece studs/inserts. Is the guitar grounded there? If so where else can I easily ground it? Thanks.
  12. Yes, true. But, I don't want to try to replicate all the guitars he has played, just the ones I like. I had a fender strat that I got rid of because I hated it. I replaced it with the Epi Black Beauty and added a Bigsby. Now, that's a cool guitar.
  13. Funny that you should have posted that. Yesterday I was playing both my PTP and the Tribute. The reason I was thinking of getting rid of the Trib was not for money or space or because I didn't like it. it was just because I did really think it was very different or better than my PTP. After Playing both yesterday, I still don't think it is much/any better than the PTP, BUT, it is just too nice of a guitar to let go. So, I'm just gonna keep it and get a Gold Top when I can't stand not having one anymore.
  14. Sounds crazy, I know. On paper, the Tribute is the better guitar. It has all Gibson electronics. However, I actually own a Tribute plus, a Plus Top Pro and a Black Beauty. To my ear, I can't really hear a difference between them. As for finish, hardware, play-ability, etc, they are all great. The reason I'm asking is because I'm a Jimmy Page/Led Zeppelin nut. May sound silly, but since I have a honey burst PTP and a black beauty with a Bigsby, I thought it would be cool to have a Gold Top since JP uses all three of those (my Tribute is vintage sunburst). So, I'm thinking of getting rid of the Tribute and replacing with a Gold Top. Ridiculous or not?
  15. Close enough indeed. So I took it all apart. It took a couple tries to get the V7 just right, not too tight, no too loose (I hope...). Then the tailpiece came right into place with the adapter plate installed. Still needed the new hole for the strap pin, properly centered. At least that wasn't a waste. Now it all looks good. Fits well. Looks great. Sounds really good, good sustain. Certainly not any worse than original, maybe better. At least I have a bit more practice restringing a Bigsby. I have the Vibramate Spoiler, but I don't want to use it because I think it detracts from the look of the Bigsby. So far, the restringing doesn't seem too bad. Thanks for all the help.
  16. Oh, so is that what you are supposed to do? It says not to "over tighten", but it does not say to leave it loose... Crap, now I have to do it all over again. son of a gun.
  17. So I have the B7 on the guitar. there were some minor problems. on this Epi, the stop bar post inserts do not sit flush with the surface of the guitar. there is a rim that sits about 1-2 mm above the surface. That, combined with the Vibramate itself raises the Bigsby up a fair amount. As a result, the break angle is not a problem at all, in fact, I think it will probably help with tuning stability and the overall function of the vibrato. However, it raises the tailpiece up so that it would have taken a fair amount of force to get to tailpiece to line up with the original strap screw hole. Also, the strap screw hole was a bit off center so it didn't line up well with the tailpiece. Finally, the Vibramate tailpiece plate was too thick to fit. In other words, with the tailpiece plate mounted, the tailpiece would not fold down into place. So, I drilled a new hole for the tailpiece/strap post and mounted the tailpiece without the Vibramate plate. I did use the spacer/washer for the tailpiece that came with the V7. It looks great. Plays/functions well. the tone and sustain do not seem adveresly effected at all. overall this guitar seems to have a bit better sustain than my Epi 60's tribute, which is not bad at all. At some point, I may consider a permanent mounting. How difficult is it to remove the stop bar post screw inserts?
  18. Thanks for the reply, very helpful. I had a feeling it would be complicated. As for the break angle, I was thinking that the vibramate would help since it elevates the Bigsby a bit. I may just try it with the stock bridge for a while and see how it goes...
  19. Hi everyone. This is my first post. Glad to be on the forum. I have a new Epi Black Beauty. I am getting ready to put a Bigsby B7 on with a Vibramate. I see that lots of Gretsch and LP's have standard bridges w/Bigsby's. Should I go to a roller style bridge? If so which one? Thanks in advance.
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