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  1. Looking through my forum history, it looks like the activation failed, and I had to contact these forums to have it activated: http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/121615-deckadance2-demo-purchase-help-and-support-information/page__view__findpost__p__1723391 Going into the About section shows that it's the DVS demo. I bought 2.5 Standard, but there was only one download link for 2.7. Thanks! I appreciate that the development team is also supporting their software directly.
  2. Hi, I bought Deckadance standard edition when it was in version 2.5. I downloaded the 2.7 installer and tried activating it (again, picking standard edition to generate the response request). First, the activation response I got back from the site said version 2.5, not 2.7. Not sure if that's relevant, but when I tried loading it into Deckadance, I got a response saying "Activation response file failure. Stanton Deckadance is not activated." Can someone fix this? EDIT: Also, the main reason I upgraded was because I heard 2.7 had a way to load tempo from the ID3 tags, instead of constantly trying to analyze new tracks. Is there a way to disable analysis and just use the tags? More often than not, if a song already has the tempo tagged, the tag is more accurate than what Deckadance figures from its analysis. And I appreciate that this is how it handles keys now, but selecting a bunch of tracks still only lets you reload tags for one of them at a time, meaning I have to reload every track individually if I want keys from the tags. (Plus, an option to display keys normally would be appreciated, instead of numbers.)
  3. I bought Standard, and made a Standard activation file. Need any order info?
  4. The same email I used to register the account. So it should be showing up, but there's just something wrong with the activation? This is what I'm getting:
  5. I bought it through Cakewalk, before registering an account, then registered an account, and now Decka won't activate.
  6. I bought Deckadance before registering a Cakewalk account, since I assumed I could just register later. What do I do now, other than trying to cancel the payment and start again?
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