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  1. I'm having an issue with the neck pu volume knob on my 2016 Standard LP. Had it for 3 months with no issues and one day it just started. From 1 to 9 it works fine. Once you get to 9.5 it starts to crackle, at 10 no volume. Turn volume down from 10 to 9 it works fine again. S.P.
  2. Thanks... I also didn't mention that I loosened the truss rod about 1 turn. I wanted to wait a day and see how it plays. I want the lowest possible action but no fret buzz. Maybe tonight I'll drop down the bridge back 1 turn and loose the truss rod instead another turn. Raising the bridge too high raises the action from fret 1 to 22 too much. Rather compensate with some buzz.
  3. In the meantime I raised the brass nut 2 full turns by the lower E. It didn't do anything to get rid of the buzz and the lower strings were too high between the 1st and 5th frets so I turned it back to original position. I raised the bridge 2 full turns on the lower strings. Got rid of the buzz 90%. Didn't see the need to raise the bridge on the high strings so now the bridge is pitched. Is this ok?
  4. Thanks for the info Scottie V. I just called Gibson today for the titanium nut but I will be holding on to the brass nut after replacing it. I'm going to try to adjust the height while I still have the brass nut on for now. I already purchased for my next string change D'Addario NYXL drop D tuning strings 11-56 gauge. If you're saying 56 will be too big for the titanium nut I can swap out the lower E for a 52 gauge. 2015 Gibson LP Traditional Honey Burst 1986 Kramer USA StageMaster Deluxe
  5. I called Gibson today to send me a replacement titanium nut due to the brass nut worn out with grooves. I tune to drop D and my low E string buzzes since day one. Started off with a 46 gauge, then 49 and now at 52 gauge. Has anyone had any luck adjusting the Zero Fret Nut to raise the action just enough to get rid of the buzz? If you want to raise the nut I guess you would have to turn the tiny screw counter clockwise? Does the fret nut become eventually loose if raised too much? 1st timer with an adjustable fret nut and just wondering if it's easier then just adjusting the bridge. 2
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