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  1. In Nov 2012 I was hospitalized in the middle of the night unable to breathe. 18 days in the hospital and found out my heart was bad. I have something called 'diastolic cardiomyopathy'. They told me, if I didn't quit drinking, smoking, and other stuff I wouldn't make it 6 months. I couldn't work anymore, I couldn't do alot of things. Point is. I am still here. I have figured out ways to make a buck and still perform with a cover band on the weekends. Hang in there bud. This too, shall pass.
  2. You Auzzies are build for that kinda stuff. Take Steve Irwin to the beach and gets killed in an hour, but he'll wrestke crocks and f-with deadly animals for decades. Just somethin you need to understand.
  3. Wow. I hope the guy who buys it gives me their 'old' guitar.
  4. I apologize Riffster. I ran a car dealership for 13 years. It's the capitalist in me.
  5. Looks like they're $300 cause that's what it takes to move stock. There are no stupid deals, just old inventory. Market says..."Pass"
  6. Yup. Just wish he could write like Roger Waters. Roger not only explains the "what" but the 'how' it feels.
  7. I understand you must paint your face like pennywise before it will work.
  8. Ole England, England...You got a few things right. America, Led Zepplin, and the basis for what would become wiskey. I do admire the centuries of toiling, empire building, and fuedalism you had to endure to get around to seeing things our way. PS> All of girls really should brush your teeth. I'm scared of catchin somethin from a blowjob.
  9. Yeah, hear ya RCT. When you bag the 23 year old + the mom, that's called a double double.
  10. Would your bass player want to miss the gigs? If so, don't know what to say really. If not, seems time to make a decision.
  11. Yessir. Mostly heathen with a touch of arrogant bastard. Or, as we say here, American.
  12. Yes. Wiskey proun: [whizz-ski}N. noun. An American Invention. Think the guy's name was 'Daniels. Tried all the scotch/irish stuff, and said, "These guys are onto something, just put in a charred barrell for several years, and lose the stupid peat moss". Preffered drink to make any meaningful cocktail, (manhattan, old fashioned, etc), and preferred spirit for a drinker who wants to feel no pain, bang fat girls, or suffering from cold or flu. Also best option around if you are in a war, get your leg mostly blown off and have to amputate. Dulls pain, sanitizes knives, and if it's too much to bear, you can drink yourself straight past consciousness.
  13. I'm gonna have to beg your pardon boss. You are vastly underestimating the value of 23 year old single mothers who want to get drunk and screw, and don't want you to take care of them or their brats. (at least they all say they are single.) Otherwise...yeah, carry on....sorry...
  14. Lost some great dogs to an ex. (figured she could use some protection). Yes, I don't belong to any 'clubs' or anything...In fact, I prefer to ride alone. Nothing like it.
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