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  1. Nice!! That's beautiful! How's the sound? And what are the pickups?
  2. She's a beautiful piece of work brotha! I hope you enjoy! /,,/
  3. Lol I love that new smell, the 2016 standard I bought has a vanilla/ play-do type of smell to it.
  4. Nice brotha!! She's beautiful!! I hope u have many years joy playing this beast! And I love those pics as well, they are like the Certificate of authenticity for your guitar!
  5. Very impressed with this years model, I think it is Gibsons best year yet! /,,/
  6. Thanx! I love the case to, it has that beautifully arched top, i was hoping my 2014 studio pros vintage brown hardshell case would have had the same.. But no luck lol oh well My new model has the type of case I wanted in the first place so it all balances out! XD /,,/
  7. God damn that's nice!! That was my first pick for the 2016s. I was all about the studios until the CAD $ took a spill, I had 3 studios picked out for 2016 until i seen the sticker price was $1949 I had to make other plans. so why not instead of 3 studios get the big one and save $500? Lol best decision I ever made! That's beautiful I hope u enjoy!!
  8. Oh I think so bro a payment towards a new home for your family for many years to come put a smile upon their face looking down from the heavens above! Rock on brotha!
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