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  1. Hey Luis, do you know if it is possible to use two different midi controllers at once in Deckadance? I'd like to do 4 deck mixing, but controllers with four decks are rare, so I'd like to just add another two deck to my setup. I imagine I would have to tweak the midi-script of the second controller to control decks C&D, which is no problem.
  2. A tiny patch for the RMX controller, the old version has an error in it to where the left side bass knob doesn't do anything. This is fixed now. DJC Rmx.zip
  3. Hello all, I recently upgraded to the newest version of Deckadance and found that the Hercules RMX is no longer a supported controller. I have hacked together a midi script for it that works well for me (some of the functionality is different from previous versions of deckadance, I kind of tailored it to my own needs). I thought I would post it here in case anyone else is trying to use a Hercules RMX. DJC Rmx.zip
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