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  1. You started with diminishing everyone with a weight relieved Les Paul, then went on to call them whiners. We will enjoy and are very happy with our real; Les Paul guitars! Yes we all love playing our Gibson guitars! Your ending said it all... Pinocchio
  2. This post was directed just at the one who bought a weight relieved Gibson. The only thing you are passionately doing is telling them they don`t own a real Gibson, in hopes they will check out the one you mentioned and well, not being weight relieved I`ll buy that instead. If you really wanted Gibson`s attention, you would have written, e-mailed or called them directly. I call A Troll A Troll... A Shill A Shill... It is what it is.
  3. That was not a very good response, Troll... Or should I say shill.
  4. If you want to buy scrap wood put together with Elmer`s glue, that is your choice. I will buy a real Gibson Les Paul every time! Sales slow and not taking off? A-lot of scrap wood laying around? OP
  5. The only affect will be acoustically. If you want to sound close to Allman Brothers, Frampton, Skynyrd, Aerosmith, even some early Clapton, you`ll have to practice. Not blame a guitar company for that "sound" you can not achieve.
  6. Studio-T

    Auto Tune??

    Gibson GForce and MinETune systems are a brilliant idea The younger folks will take to it eventually, the elderly not so much. Society as a whole seems to resist change, as nostalgia is a big seller right now. Everyone plugs into an electronic tuner or sticks that hemangioma on the headstock. Final thought : If you yourself can not tune each string by ear only, maybe you should play the Triangle...
  7. Rock / Randy Rhoads Blues / R.L. Burnside Country / Johnny Cash
  8. GHS Burnished Nickel Rockers 10-48, soon to be 11-50 I tried 9-42 and just could not play them.
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