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  1. Read your post about the J15 intonation thing. When I read the part about removing the under saddle transducer a light went off. I removed mine tonight and guitar intonation is exponentially better. Thanks.

  2. I've recently been using D'Addario 85/15 light medium strings on my J15. I really like the extra bottom end and the feel that comes with the slightly heavier 4th, 5th and 6th strings. I may at some point experiment with using a 13 and 17 with this set. Next up though I intend to try Rotosound Tru Bronze which have the similar gauages but in my long time favourite 80/20 material. I'd say these are well worth a try if you are looking for more bottom end and than 12-53 give and like to dig in without moving to true mediums.
  3. Thank you for your input, everyone. I have seen the James Taylor video before, and actually that was what turned me on to the idea of using a 'sweetened' tuning...before that I was getting very frustrated with what was going on. I mentioned that I had removed the under-saddle transducer. When I did that I also installed a bone saddle and together those two steps did seem to improve the situation (the original saddle was actually pretty loose in the slot). After posting the original post, I did some checking with my tuners and noticed that tuning to equal temperament (EQU on the Peterson tuner) sounds acceptable, but tuning to standard on the D'Addario tuner still sounds weird. As for strings, I have on D'Addario 80/20 EXPs at the moment, but I've noticed the issue with various types of strings.
  4. I have owned my J15 since the end of 2015, so I'm not sure why I've only just got around to posting this. I am, on the whole, very happy with my J15. Beautiful tone, looks great, comfortable to play and even smells good. However, something I quickly noticed about this guitar is that when tuned to pitch (using a D'Addario tuner or the 5th fret method) it does not sound good. In fact, tuned spot on it sound terrible. Tuned to the sweetened tuning ACU on my Peterson Stroboclip HD, however, it sounds fantastic. I've always just accepted this as a peculiarity of this particular guitar or perhaps of short scale guitars in general...but I've not seen it mentioned here before. Has anyone else had or heard of this issue? It's not a deal breaker, I love the guitar and am used to the rigmarole of tuning the Peterson way but just wondering! (One thing I just remembered is that the issue was definitely more pronounced with the under saddle transducer installed, but I removed that as had no intention of using it).
  5. I like the tiger. It looks quite vivid there but will probably look more subtle once applied. Where did the tiger one come from? I've been thinking about a firestripe for my J15 and imagine this would be the kind of size I'd need. I'm not sure what if any difference there is between firestripe and tigerstripe though...I just like the stripes and the colour of them.
  6. Sorry to hear of the problems with your J15. Yes, it sounds like an exchange is the most appropriate thing for the dealer to offer. I don't play amplified (I actually can't stand the sound of a plugged in acoustic) so removing the under saddle ribbon was no problem for me, and it did seem to remedy the intonation problem. Something I didn't mention in the original post: I'm not fond of the thick pickguard. I have no idea if it effects tone but it just looks too thick to me. I don't like the idea of peeling it off but I think a thin tiger stripe one would be a good replacement. I hope you get the issues sorted soon!
  7. I bought a bone nut for my J15 from Tonetech in Stockport http://www.tonetechluthiersupplies.co.uk The brand they carry is a Japanese one, 'Hosco'. There's a guy in Derbyshire, Chris Alsop, who I've bought from before. He's brilliant, will do you a copy of any nut or saddle you send in http://www.chrisalsopguitar.co.uk/shop/index.php?route=common/home
  8. I bought my J15 a couple of days after Christmas 2015 so have now had it with me for almost nine months. Just a few random observations: I like the J15 a lot. Really suits my playing style, looks beautiful, smells lovely and is comfortable to play. I'm glad I chose it over the other Gibson slopes I tried out and I really like the walnut. I'm still getting used to the short scale. My main guitar until the J15 was a Stonebridge dread with a regular/long scale that I've owned since 2007 so the short scale is still new to me. I prefer Elixir 80/20 Nanoweb or D'Addario Nickel Bronze (both 12-53) on the J15. I had some intonation problems and ended up removing the under saddle transducer, which improved the situation. I replaced the Tusq saddle with a bone one from a Japanese company, Hosco. The main effect this had was increased bass. Different from the Tusq, not sure if it's better. For the past few months I struggled with some tuning problems, until a few weeks ago when I discovered the ACU sweetened tuning on the Peterson Stroboclip tuner. What a difference that made! I checked this with the little Planet Waves NS Micro tuner and made note of where the strings are. Now I can get into tune really fast, and just tweak a couple of strings depending on what key I'm in. All in all, a few minor issues with the J15 but I really do like this guitar a lot and look forward to picking it up each day.
  9. I've had a set on my J15 for over two months now. Love them. I enjoy the dry thump I get when damping the lower strings and the lack of overtones compared to other materials. Yes, they are more expensive than most uncoated strings but more than make up for that in longevity.
  10. I've now had the D'Addario Nickel Bronze strings on my J15 for over two months, playing two to three hours a day. They are a little duller and a little harder to keep in tune than they were but still sound and feel pretty good. I feel no need to replace them yet. I sometimes give them a quick wipe down after playing but not always. I've never had a set of uncoated strings last this long.
  11. Since I wrote my original reply I've gone back to using the little Planet Waves NS micro. Much simpler and faster to use and obviously work very well. The Stroboclip is just too much messing around. As long as I'm wearing glasses the Planet Waves is fine.
  12. I've had mine a couple of months...I regretted buying it at first but have warmed to it. Obviously very accurate...but it can be quite frustrating trying to get it spot on. Is that level of accuracy needed? I don't know. I still have to tweak my low E and high E on my J-15 after I've tuned. In the past I've used Planet Waves tuners which did what they are supposed to do. The big advantage (for me) of the Stroboclip is the large, clear, bright display that I can read with no problems. If I had better eyesight I would have stuck with the Planet Waves.
  13. I've had a set of the light gauge on my J-15 for about five or six weeks now. I like them..a quite dark, dry tone without the overtones you get with other materials. The lower strings give a kind of dead, thumpy sound when you mute them with the side of your hand which suits the stuff I play. Also they are still going strong with a few hours daily use for over a month, with no obvious signs of wearing out; pretty impressive for uncoated strings. I will certainly use them again.
  14. I think it's like that here in the UK, although some of the 'old fashioned' names are now making a comeback. When I was a kid in the 80's, names like George, Jack, William, Florence or Eleanor were the reserve of 'old people' but there are now lots of children with those names.
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