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  1. Here's another voice in favor of the J-45 Legend. I've had mine for a while now and I love it! Sounds great, plays great. It really did not take me long to get used to the thick neck, either.
  2. I thought you were going to say the cliche, "This guitar is a cannon!"
  3. That sounded pretty good (through the small speakers on my tablet). I did not find it bass heavy. cant wait to hear the J-15! I expected Tony to start laughing after he said his real name!
  4. There are a couple of videos on youtube showing this guitar. One has a Gibson rep talking about this guitar and several others. The other has Greg Koch playing it a little bit.
  5. JC, that is awesome! On all accounts - going to NAMM, meeting Ren, the new guitar! I am curious if you saw any interesting models from Gibson, either acoustic or electric. I saw a picture of what looks like two new ES-345 models, but I have not heard any details. Also looks like they are reissuing the ES-225, but again this is just from a picture with no details.
  6. I am very glad for you that you now have the time to spend on music and have found a guitar that you love. But I have to admit that the above statement is complete anathema to me!!!!
  7. I've bought a few guitars at GC over the years, and my experiences have been very different. In January 2009, I bought an Advanced Jumbo that was on clearance for $1600. I had a $50 off coupon, so that brought it down to $1550. When they range me up, the receipt showed a separate price for the guitar and the case, but the two prices totaled $1550, so they sold me the guitar and case for what they had advertised. A couple years ago, I saw another store that had the Fender 1952 Telecaster on clearance for a great price. I went into my local GC, played one and liked it, so I mentioned the
  8. I don't blame Gibson at all for finding ways to make more affordable guitars. Gets Gibsons into the hands of more players. I myself own some Gibbies on the higher end of their price range, but still am interested in checking out this J-15 with the walnut body. And Gibson R&D has been putting out plenty of high dollar models lately as well - the 1935 Advanced Jumbo and 1934 Original Jumbo just to name a couple. -
  9. It's a CANNON!!! Dang, FMA beat me to it! Seriously, the J-15 looks very interesting. I like walnut. Can't wait to try one. I would like to see more specs on these new models, but couldn't find anything on the internet. Wonder what the bracing pattern is. It may just be the picture, but I am not sure what wood was used for the fretboard of that J-15.
  10. John, what an incredible experience! I could only dream to have an evening like that.
  11. Awesome! Congrats! I love mine.
  12. Listening to a single Johnny Cash song puts it all in perspective.
  13. Interesting. I never knew Gibson ever made anything like this. Can't say I'd have much interest in it though, even if it were a LOT cheaper!
  14. Happy Birthday, Keith!!!!
  15. That looks great! I really like the pattern on the tortoloid.
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