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  1. Hung up in customs right now.
  2. bassetman


    Looks great. Hope you enjoy it greatly.
  3. Hope so. May not have been played since 65 Or so. Only had one owner. I’ll plaster the page with pics when it arrives.
  4. I just inherited this. Time to learn about lap steel. They sent me just one pic. I think late 40s. Cant wait to see it. Couple days to wait.
  5. Lost a relative..sigh...was sent the notice that i have inherited what i think is a br6. I iknow nothing of lapsteels. No idea of condition outside this pic.any info would be great.
  6. Ive always wanted p90s . A similar setup to my strat may end up an a thinline come ing from warmouth.
  7. Sweet , Tele fever is catching. I just got a thinline. Hope you enjoy your as much as I love mine.
  8. New is 750-900 shop around. Lots on reverb around 450.
  9. Thanks all. I’ve just played it most of the night. Outside of wanting some taller frets this is a great Guitar. After a much needed neck adjust action is quite low..about 1.2 mm on low E no buzzes at all. Plays all the way up and down without any fret outs that these necks are renowned for. Mid neck bends are nice but I need to get used to the radius...I keep losing strings. ;) I’m not in love with the tuners, split shaft vintage type, but it solidly stays in tune.. yes 300 bucks. It had no output. It has the three bolt neck that I’ll replace with a warmouth in the fat back profile to get some fancy wood and frets I prefer. Could be awhile till I put it down though. Sounds good through the 65 deluxe. :) have a good day.
  10. I have not wieghd it, but it’s light. The pickups really are expressive they grow on you. I keep thinking SD P-Rails though. The electrics and the bridge were hacked at by an ape. The rest is pristine
  11. Thanks. Really plays nice. Lotta folks don’t like the vintage spec neck but it is slick.
  12. My name is Tom....I have a Guitar Problem. It is SWEET. The Fender Pickups sounds good. It has the 7.25” radius neck and a chunky profile. I hauled it in for 300. It was simpler to make a harness than work out what the previous was attempting. I put the Babicz saddles on. Most of the originals were stripped in at least on screw.
  13. Thanks Surfpup that is a good vid. I got a second chassis that I’m rebuilding to hear the difference with all new caps in the amp. On the current one the only caps I did were in the filter section.lots to learn, fun fun.
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