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  1. I'm looking to purchase a Gibson SG 2014 Original 2 Aged Cherry in good condition. I live in Australia so if there's an Australian willing to sell or a person willing to ship that would be great. Any information would be much appreciated

    I have a 2013 in heritage cherry for sale. Virtually unplayed. Its actually a quite dark in color. I'm from the U.S.

  2. Looks fine to me.

    I note Cap's concerns but I think the neck/p'head transition is perfectly OK.


    If you really want an old guitar then that one seems a good bet.

    Proper Pat No's are a plus point.


    Just personally I've never been a huge fan of the Batwing Standards for several reasons but that's just me. If you like them then I'd say go for it.

    What have you got to lose?

    Even if, after a while, you decide you don't like it you are hardly likely to lose money if you get it for that price.



    Why don't you like batwing standards? Just curious. I swing both ways :)

  3. What model was that, a custom shop Limited edition?

    I thought the last one was made in 2013

    Mine is from 2009, custom shop had a limited run that year. 200 in vos speck. And 50 Aged and Signed. I got NR 20

    Yeah thats the one! I think GC just forgot to take it off there site. Very disappointing mistake on my part. It also said "not available untill December 20th"

    I was under the impression I was pre-orderering. <_<

  4. I've had several Epi's with that problem but not a Gibson. For me, it's irksome, shouldn't happen, or leave the QC at the plant, BUT, in my day, & the BS I work with, SMALL POTATOES with a simple fix. Ya did a great job. A little careful filling of the hole, dot of black finger nail polish and good as new.


    I know, I know, it shouldn't happen, but this is the real world now and nothings perfect (even though I WANT IT TO BE)! [biggrin]



    Thank you sir! It turns out the factory hole isn't visible at all! I thought it was gonna show for sure. The dowl wasn't nesessary. It is VERY close tho that's for sure. The top hole is slightly off center as well. That's my OCD talking. I'm never satisied [-X

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