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  1. Fully aware of this. Either way they are both loud AF and will aquire attenuation for bedroom volumes. Just seeing if anyone preffers one over the other as far as tone
  2. I stuck a toothpick (dowl) and glue into the factory hole and re-drilled. I couldn't stand the sight of it anymore!
  3. Check out my thread a few below this one..I proved its a real gibson there
  4. Here is my unfinished ride. Started out as a 150cc 10 hp go kart from tractor supply. Decided to put in a Yamaha 450cc 40 hp engine into it. The whole rear end has been re-fabricated from scratch to fit the engine. Hoosier tires were also added for bad assness. [/url
  5. wyatt earp

    Ernie Ball

    I used to use Ernie ball strings. Used to very frequently snap strings! So I switched to D'addario strings. Haven't snapped a string for 5 years (knock on wood) I recently tried the "new improved" strings by addario. "NYXL" im very impressed with them. Totally changes the feel of the guitar. Bends are easier, and they last WAY longer then conventional strings! $12 a set but it is well worth it
  6. Kinda late to be replying but I just wanted to say I feel the same way about my sg original. It does have some trouble staying in tune but maybe not to your extent. It also sounds harsh to me. My 61' reissue blows it out of the water tone wise. Also I just simply don't feel comfortable playing it. Its like pooping at someone else's house..hehe. Oh and I also have a Angus Young Sig SG with a vibrola. It's sounds great so the vibrola isn't the tone sucker on the sg original. Just wanted to let you know your not alone brother! Did you end up selling it? I'm thinking that's what I'm gonna end up doing
  7. Check out how crooked the truss rod cover is..probably would've notice on your own :blink:
  8. Nice SG's! That just goes to show no two Gibson's are alike! But why two "identical" guitars? Just curious
  9. I'm on the prowl to buy a vintage JMP amplifier. Looking for closer AC/DC tone then my JCM 2000 can provide. Will also need to purchase a good attenuator and perhaps the Schaeffer Replica system. The JMP is the nicest looking Marshall head IMO. And they will only go up in value. You can't lose!
  10. Actually now that you mentioned it..the maestro cover is poorly aligned against the body. I took the cover off and tightened the rear screws. Made the alignemt slightly better. But I just left it at that. It must have been assembled by the same guy that drilled the truss rod cover
  11. I know right! Pretty shocking. Luckily I can stick a small dowl and glue in that hole and re-drill it centered without the factory hole being visible
  12. Thank you. I may try to carefully tweak it into place. Maybe with a little heat. I am very familiar with the strength/brittleness of spring steel being a farmer. If all goes to hell I'll get a replacement. One other thing I noticed is the truss rod cover is VERY crooked. Damn near 1/4 inch from being straight. I'm shocked to see this on a high end guitar! Sometimes Gibson really makes me shake my head. But ya gotta love'em!
  13. I purchased a 00' Angus SG Signature off of ebay. Claimed to be "mint condition. I payed $2k for it. It really is in great shape but there were a few flaws I discovered. The A string tuners' "Gibson Deluxe" casing cover was loose, about to break off. I took it apart and was able to solder the casing back to the screw mounting plate, luckily. The other flaw I found was the whammy bar plastic handle was cracked. And lastly. The maestro spring is resting on the pickguard. As shown below. Not sure if I should take it off and try tweaking it in a vise (with leather protection of course) or buy a new spring all together. Thank you for your time!
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