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  1. I can't get my Hercules DJ Console MK2 to work. Has support stopped for that controller?
  2. I totally missed the update of this topic. I tried it and everything works perfectly. Thank you very much!!
  3. Hello, I'm an IL Deckadance user and the software (2.43) did run fine on my pc. I upgraded to version 2.51 and when I want to run the software, I get this error message: I googled the error (roughly translated it means 'Can't find entrypoint of procedure GetTickCount64 in DLL-file KERNEL32.dll.') and found out it has something to do with WinXP (I'm on WinXP home version 32-bit SP3). On the Stanton site I can read that Deckadance should run on WinXP, however. I installed the 2.43 and 2.51 versions alongside each other and only the 2.43 version works. Can someone help me out? Dirk
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