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    My first Les Paul!

    Thanks for the reply's. Its definitely Light Burst, its got LB inside the neck pickup cavity, but I'm not sure if its premium plus, is there anyway to confirm this?
  2. Les Paul photos"]Les Paul Photos[/url] Hi everyone, so after 15 years, I have decided to buy my first Les Paul (although not my first Gibson, had the 1998 limited korina flying V about 13 years back...god i miss that thing) 2001 Standard, lightburst premium plus (need confirmation) Anyway, absolutely love the thing, traded my Prs for it, just need some help with a few things, would appreciate any info on the following: Pickups, not sure which ones Body binding, seems to be a bit dodgy, can anyone tell me why it looks so shoddy? Also, if you rub your nail against the binding, it does scrape in some places. Have no idea how to compress photos to the tiny size required, so gonna post a link for my photobucket page (old school!)
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