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  1. Hi André, Thanks for your quick response and your knowledgeable insights! I have joined the FB group and will definitely follow it closely. And thanks for the contacts for the Transcale string manufacturer. I realized that I put the wrong URL in my previous message. I found some transcale strings on Amazon (Music Zoo) here. However, they will not ship directly to Europe :( . I totally agree with your comments; I have been considering buying a Steinberger for a while - just wished I had done so a lot sooner! Right now, I am still hesitating between the Transcale and the standard SS-2F models. Love the piezo and handy capo, but the difficulty in finding the longer double-ball strings and the added length of the Transcale were making me lean towards the standard models. It's a really tough choice.
  2. Just wondering the same here. I'm finding it difficult to find any Synapse SS-2F in standard white or black color, even the custom version in blue is hard to find. Stores are not stocking much in the way of Steinberg either. Really sad to see that such a fantastic lineup of guitars appears to be dying... Has anyone got news or info on the status of Steinberger guitars?
  3. Looks like it is still possible to find the transcale double-ball strings. Here on Amazon for sure and my local store (here in Geneva). But I really like the idea of having more/better choice in the supply. BTW - Do you know whether production of the Synapse guitars has ended completely? Finding it really hard to find a new SS-2F in anything but light maple :(
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