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  1. Check out Darrell Scott, if you haven't already.
  2. Man, I love me some Rev. Gary Davis. Will have to check it out. I think I've worn out my Harlem Street Singer cd. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Well I was at church listening to my wife on the Praise team. It was excellent. Great message, as well.
  4. I play this song quite often. Just wished I could sing half as good as a lot you guys.
  5. I like Elixers on my J-15 and Hummingbird Vintage.
  6. Saw her about a month ago at the Walnut Valley Festival. Really enjoyed her music.
  7. All I know is that I love my Hummingbird Vintage. It is an amazing guitar.
  8. Great job ! I enjoy quite a few Guy Clark songs. Very relaxing, which I appreciate.
  9. I still have my 2016 Hummingbird Vintage and love it ! It's become my favorite over my Martin D-18 and others.
  10. Great job ! I always enjoy how comfortable you look while you're playing & singing. Great control of the pick throughout. Sure wish I could sing like that !
  11. Reading this reminded me of a song I love playing "I Still Can't Say Goodbye" by Chet Atkins.
  12. I have a 2016 Sunburst J-15 that I got from Music Villa. There were a few that got through the line in 2016, before they started officially offering Sunburst J-15's. Anyway, I played a J-15 at a Guitar Center and it didn't sound anything like my J-15. It sounded dead compared to mine, and I know that happens a lot at Guitar Center with old strings. I thought it was sad, because someone playing that guitar wouldn't realize how nice a J-15 can sound.
  13. Really like that burst ! Enjoyed the demo, as well. Sounds like you found a keeper.
  14. Nice. I love me some Eagles. It also made me think of another Eagles song you could do. How about "Saturday Night"?
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