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  1. First i've got version 2.43, but i couldn't make registration with that also.It was always asking for a .reg file.O.K. no deckadance for me than, the demo mode is inpossible, audio drops always out.Thanks for the reply.
  2. After install of Deckadance 2 V.2.51 on Win XP system i could not open the program.I got the same error as in another topic seen on this forum, with it i found the win xp solution file.Now deckadance opens perfect en it runs great, but i can't make registration.It says "Export Activation File Failure, Activation File hasn't Been Created Correctly". Deckadance came with a soundcard that i got.Already made the registration with the serial number that came with the soundcard.I've made printsreen of the error.
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