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  1. The action actually needed to be raised (maybe) the 6 string (only the 6th - E i think) would buzz when strummed with a pick. So I turned the truss rod a quarter turn till it stopped. It very well could have been an uneven fret or something. I will have the instructor look at it tonight. Make sure I didn't screw it up, etc.
  2. Thank you all for the replies, I have pretty tough skin so my fingers aren't hurting (yet) I was thinking of the lighter string for the note ease. Also it was my teacher that said adjust the truss rod to change the action, but he probably knows that anything beyond that is out of my league at this time. I was kind of wanting to figure this out on my own, because... but for under a hundred if I could get it fixed up locally that would probably be best. Wife wouldn't let me throw more than a couple of hundred at it, as in her opinion it might become a closet artifact, I looked at the AJ-220 but the local store has it at over 300. They gave me a 'deal' on the hummingbird :). I like the guitar, I just want it to play right (or more probably, to play it right) but I can make my son's junior guitar sing like a... hummingbird.
  3. I had never picked up a guitar till about two weeks ago, when my son and I decided we wanted to learn to play the guitar. Not master musicians but enough to serenade the ladies, perform at camp outs, etc. I bought him a junior guitar and I had a poultry 200.00 left over so I bought the Epiphone Hummingbird Artist. (because it looked nice, remember I am a noob) the problem is that his junior guitar plays better and sounds better so we both tend to play it. My Hummingbird does just that hums and buzzes, so I spent the first few days figuring out why and adjusted the action by a quarter of a turn till the buzzing went away. However, now the guitar has become very unforgiving about exact finger placement, strength, etc. Resulting in notes that just go flat, unless nearly perfectly played. The questions - I like the guitar (it looks nice, remember) 1. Should I buy extra light strings, such as the elixir 80/20 Extra lights? I have heard that lighter strings make learning easier. 2. What other advice would you give to a new player? 3. I thought about returning it and buying the Epiphone Pro-1 as it states it is for beginners, I looked at it before buying the Hummingbird but the Pro-1 says it has shorter scale length and a slimmer neck, as an adult with semi-chubby fingers I was worried that my semi-chubby fingers wouldn't have enough room to play, so I bought a full size. Should I return it and get the Pro-1 or should I stick it out with the Hummingbird and hope that some of you advice will resolve my issues? Also, I did buy us lessons, and I am going to have our instructor take a look at the guitar tonight as well. Learning is going well, both of us have learned to play a kind of blue-sy beginners song, so we are enjoying it. Thanks
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