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  1. Mr Toner S/G started in 1970 when it replaced the

    gibson melody maker if you do not knoe the date there is several ways to.Gibson has a site GIBSON daters project that you can google this will tell you how to date serial no.on back of head stock another way is to remove the back cover containing volume/tone pods they will have a code no.stamped Guitologist on youtube could give some hints?

  2. Hi all, I was hoping there might be some SG experts here that might be able to assist me in a purchase decision of a vintage SG. If so, can ya hit me up at tonewheelz@gmail.com Thanks so much!
  3. Well, it's been confirmed from every Custom Shop Gibson Dealer I've contacted. Gibson is not making any more one offs, with no explanation given.
  4. I was told by my dealer that "At this time Gibson doesn’t have any Custom Shop SG’s to offer". I wanted to order a reissue of a specific year/style. What is going on?
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