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  1. I run Deckadance 2.51 on my Macbook Pro under Mac OS X 10.10.5. I try to use the Effector VST Plugins, but after several scans of my VST plug-ins folder, Effector appears in a first time inside the VST List with OK and when I call it from Deckadance interface, I obtain a blank Window. After quit and relaunch, Effector does not appear any more in my VST FX, I have to do a new scan, and so on. Maybe another plug-in can crash it, I don't know. Second thing, I cannot use ILRemote, the pref panel don't show the possibility to link it with Bluetooth. The Image Line 2.43 does it. Is it an option with the Stanton's version ? Tell me Eric from Antony (France, south suburb of Paris)
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