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  1. Hello friends ! Im Nicholas here from Brazil and i am dating this beatuifull guitar. Like im not an expert on Gibson guitars,im am looking for a little hellp. I just want to know if this is a real ES 175. The seller claims that she is a custom guitar, but i think all 175 are custom right ? There is the adhesive stamp inside of her telling that. I couldnt find her serial number on guitar dater.com, but again the site claims that no custom guitars are supported. She is a 2009 guitar (SN 02269705) and more yellow on the sides and the back, others that i saw are more black, her knowbs are golden.
  2. Thanks man, your guitar is beautiful! So there is no much difference, its just made in another place ? Custom shop has nothing to do with that VOS thing ? Sorry for those dumb questions... Im very new on that matter =] Thanks for the patience !
  3. Hello friends ! I am dating a new Gibson 175, and the vendor clames that she is a custom shop. What makes her a custom shop ? There is any difference between the non custom shops ?? Plz, a little hellp with that, i really want to know what are the differences btween a custom and a non custom. Thanks you all ! Fotos on attachments.
  4. Got it. For curiosity, which was the best era for those ES-175 ??
  5. Yes, its very well used. Well, i am from Brazil, ES-175 are very dificullt to find here,i cant find them on styores, and those vintage ones are very rare !! The guy is asking R$ 15,000 reais, something like U$ 4,000 dollars, VERY expensive. I never saw another vintage 175, that one sounds amazing. But i found another 2 ES -175, one from 1993 and another from 1996, i will post some pics here, if you guys could hellpme pick one, it would be great !!!
  6. Hi ! I am trying to find if this guitar is the "real deal". Can you guys hellp me ? I want to know if this is an Original 1976 Gibson ES 175 made in Kalamazoo factory. My link My link My link My link My link My link My link The headstock has some scars under the tuners, they were changed. I never saw ES-175 with those nickled tuners before, i've always saw those with pearlish buttons. The guitar does not have the Gibson sticker inside of her either. The owner wrote his name on the headstock bell... Nad Installed a jack plate. So, what do you think ??
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