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  1. Thanks j45nick for this info - maybe the one I have is a European model - endorsed by Gibson? Maybe I'm getting too hung up on finding out about it - a little too geeky ( can we be too geeky) about our gear?
  2. Hi Ponty - yes it is flexible as you say - nowhere near as good as the Hiscox - but kinda cool case all the same. The Gibson logo is not an add on it is molded into the case. So i still have a bit of a mystery. You say the maker is a mystery - so not Gibson?
  3. Ha ha how do you tune that? The chainsaw cases I am seeing in the internet all seem to have a very distinctive - iconic - molded handle and the locks are recessed into the case. My case has a traditional type handle and the locks have a 'fluted' design running across them and there are only three of them. The interior is blue but there is no compartment to store things - as in this Photo. I see some significant differences - but is it still classed as a chainsaw case? I can't seem to find another like mine when I search - plenty with the iconic handle - which are very cool too.
  4. That is a great plan.
  5. Thanks for the kind welcome.
  6. A chainsaw case - begs the question why is it called that? Oh and thanks for the quick response.
  7. I was wondering if any of you Gibson acoustic experts can help me identify this case. It has Gibson molded on the top. I bought it of ebay for a reasonable price. Any ideas? Bob
  8. Thanks capmaster - I'm sure I will too.
  9. Hi Davy thought it was Hen Broon for a moment ha ha.
  10. Hi Brixa - Thanks will do.
  11. Got a Martin J40 which I like very much. Have a few other lesser ( but good) ones too, Washburn, Crafter, Takamine. Not owned a Gibson acoustic --yet.
  12. Hi Murph - I can help with that !
  13. Thanks - working on it.
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