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  1. Thank you very much for your help guys! I added some pictures to the original post and the following one. I measured the headstock and it tapers just like you say nick. It has some new Grover tuners on there and has had some repairs, but plays very nice. Upon closer inspection I am leaning towards the first digit being a 3. So just to make sure I understand it correctly, the number stamped inside is the FON-number, right? Are usually FON and serial numbers totally different? I read that the lower grade Gibsons only had FON numbers and no paper labels with serial numbers, and there is no paper label inside mine. I also read that "In 1949, a four-digit FON was used, but not in conjunction with any code letter indicating the year". Any idea what the FONs looked like in 1948? In the blue book it says 1948 serials were from 1100-3700S and that the 1949s were in the 2000S, so both years used numbers in the 2000-range? That seems strange. What a peculiar murky world I've entered here... I really appreciate your help here! My guitar just became 20 years older today, which is a fun thing!
  2. Hi everyone, I am looking for some help with trying to figure out when my guitar was built. The thing is that the serial number (852128 or 352128) indicates that it is from either 1966/69 or 1965, depending on what that first digit is. At any rate, the strange thing is that the features don't look like an LG-1 from the 60-s at all. It has 19 frets, small pickguard and a wooden bridge, all of which makes it look like an LG-1 from somewhere between 1948 and 1955. Does anyone have any ideas about what I have here? Thanks for any help! All the best Bjørn Solli
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