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  1. Congrats on the DSL40C - I bought a used one last year (it actually was the same year and matched my DSL100H) and I love it. And that stack was awesome. 🤘
  2. I never realized I look like an dentist or accountant... Congrats on the new guitar.
  3. Cinco De Mayo 1960 Big party on my birthday...🍹
  4. nhwildbill


    What beautiful guitar, ever the case is silver. And what a sweet deal including the amps. Congrats on your new baby from space. 🤘
  5. Congrats on the beautiful find. Enjoy!!
  6. The 2016 Studio Faded T was my first real Gibson, I bought it new and then it was affordable. I loved that guitar, the neck is different than other Les Pauls I've since owned - a rounded '59 Profile that fit me well actually. It also really screamed played thru my Marshall. I only traded in to acquire a different model a few years later, it might be the one I will regret one day.
  7. I"m with the others - return it. GC has a 90 day no BS return policy. I've never had a problem with them in this regard. It sucks getting something you've longed for and it's a PoS but a Guitar like that should be flawless, especially at that price. If there's a GC near you (and open) take it there to return it, you don't need to ship it back. It's not the only one of that model available so hopefully the replacement will be right.
  8. My oldest was pissed at me for selling off some stuff last year (not musical but collectable) thinking he would be selling it some day after I've gone. I took him in the music room and pointed out all my stuff and stated possible worth, I told him this was the room he needed to get to first. Usually I sell, trade or give away stuff if I'm not going to use it, like Sgt Pepper said - let someone else enjoy it.
  9. You're not alone on both points...
  10. "The Boogieman Surprise" - Hollywood Vampires
  11. I own two later Classics and love them. Yours is very beautiful, enjoy the hell out of it brother. Excellent score.
  12. Thanx for posting that video - it was very interesting. I actually like the look of it, a bit more elegant than a Bigsby. I expect you used the right screwdriver. 😁
  13. That's an interesting joy stick ya got there - never seen one like it.
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