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  1. I don't think I've ever wanted the ability to leave little "laughing emojis" on some posts more than this thread... So...不不不不不喫不 Gotta go, my wife is ready for dinner.
  2. Happy Birthday & show those Doctors they're wrong. Rock on brother!
  3. Well, I'd leave you the proper emoji but... Good luck brother, we'll sneak you a doughnut once and a while best we can. In a box marked "GIBSON PARTS"
  4. Been on this board since 2016 and never been able to use the "like" feature. I think because under my avatar it says "Members" (like yours) and not "All Access". No idea how it gets updated.
  5. It's been weird, as I've gotten older I think about how possibly little time I have left. I had never thought about it before I hit 60, never thought of life as infinite but probably cheated death so many times over those 60 years and laughed but I know the road is getting shorter. my wife hates I don't make real long term plans because I always say "you never know when your number comes up". Kinda live it day by day. I've pointed out stuff to my kid - "when I go grab this or that because it's worth something" - to save him some time. Never been sick but last year I had a bad
  6. I usually name mine after their colors to ID them when talking about them to friends or my wife. I got a new Anaconda Burst last month and never had one fresh from the factory before, I was amazed at the smell of Nitro coming off it. So I started calling it "Ol Stinky" and bought her a name tag.
  7. Wow, she's really, really, really, beautiful. Glad it worked out for you brother, sounds like it was worth the wait. Congrats!!
  8. Those photos were absolutely beautiful brother, and the story but if nothing else good came out of the past year the ability to say F-it and get that dream is alright. I see you posted the tease "unboxing" photo. Go ahead, torture us, we can handle it.
  9. Congrats on the DSL40C - I bought a used one last year (it actually was the same year and matched my DSL100H) and I love it. And that stack was awesome.
  10. I never realized I look like an dentist or accountant... Congrats on the new guitar.
  11. Cinco De Mayo 1960 Big party on my birthday...
  12. What beautiful guitar, ever the case is silver. And what a sweet deal including the amps. Congrats on your new baby from space.
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