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  1. Nice, the Black one. I got the Pelham Blue one. Heavy little suckers ain't they? But I do love it as well.
  2. If nothing else I love the images I've been getting from this thread...😈
  3. The guy said his smelled bad, so I had to check the four I have to make sure my Lesters wouldn't be uncomfortable in their cases with the smell. Maybe Gibson should make them scented.
  4. Get Together - Youngbloods (Try to love one another Right now)
  5. Thanx for the info brother, I don't even polish my furniture at home. 😄
  6. Thanx, I wasn't too worried about the poker chip - I actually like it better without it on this model. I did give the maintenance tool a sniff over the weekend, I've smelled worse things. 😁 The ebony fretboard wasn't a concern on this one but I probably should condition the one on my 97 Studio. I hadn't really thought about doing it until reading about them on this forum.
  7. Congrats, love always finds a way...
  8. I also have the new Modern Graphite Les Paul, I haven't oiled the ebony fret board or even changed the strings yet but each to their own thing. I've also never sniffed the maintenance tool but now I'm curious. As to the poker chip (the sticker) it was rumored to come with them (not installed) but mine didn't nor did the ones I saw in video reviews. It's a beautiful guitar and I'm still enjoying playing it. Congrats brother.
  9. Hurt - Nine Inch Nails or Johnny Cash
  10. Guitar Center Exclusive - Midnight Blue. I totally fell in love with it. You got that right brother, especially after I pay off the GC Card. 😁
  11. WOW, that's a beauty of a job there. You guys are much more talented than I'd try to be, I probably just go buy another guitar - but excellent job!
  12. That's a real beauty you got there Realmongo, I can see why you listened to it. This one screamed at me last year so...
  13. Yeah, the ones up high on the top row actually scream at me. I can't figure out how they know my name though...
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