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  1. Check those Link,,, ( "hardware" ) http://www.sweetwater.com/publications/sweetnotes/sn-earlyspring2000/page02.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gibson_Blueshawk .....
  2. hi, thank so much for your answer, the guitar cost me around US$ 1,100. It's a model who comes with the Maestro Trem originally.... and yes i realy enjoy it, a great guitar!
  3. Hi, Recently i bought a beautiful Blueshawk, second hand, from Light Sound Music store. I would like to find out wether the Gibson headstock logo is inlayed (because it looks like a sticker). I would like to know how can i possibly be sure of the Authenticity of the guitar... i'm quite concerned about it. No logo at the potentiometer, i'm not sure about the bone nut, and the body binding is not as we usually expect from Gibson guitar, the serial number is almost below the peg machines, "Made in U.S.A" is not centered. I understand that this model is from an unexpensive line, but i want to be 1
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