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  1. Kwang

    Gibson 339

    Hi guys... why are 339's so hard to find? I was at the factory tour in Memphis and purchased a pretty 339. The head snapped while in delivery. But I have looked and so far in between. Any reason and also if you guys know what a good place to look. Thank you
  2. That is awesome you remembered. I forgot where they had it listed. Thank you.
  3. That was next on the list to try. Just not sure how helpful they will be as they have hundreds of Gibson fans. I am sure they sell tons of LP's. Please bare with me as I figure out how to upload more pics as I am maxed out.
  4. Hello guys. While in London 4 months ago, I visited a guitar shop. I picked up a Gibson custom 54 Les Paul in TV yellow. It has the aged finish. The sales person said that it was a one-off LP that Gibson made for their shop. He showed me a picture that Gibson had featured on their site. I paid a high price for it. I was just curious if any of you guys knew if I could get the true factual info on this Les Paul? It is not that I do not trust the store (sounds amazing). But just for my own records, I would like to hear from the horses mouth. I was drawn to it due to it being a one-off LP. Please correct me but I know they build one-offs for their artists, but not for general sales. They make R-series LP's but more than one. So any help would be appreciated. I will post pics once I get off my couch and head over to my apt and take a pic of her.
  5. Sorry to hash up this old thread but do you guys know if Gibson has started remaking these again. I still see it on the website. I saw it last time but it used to say no longer available. Does not say that now. I just saw it so I will call them when they open up tomorrow but I thought I would try and ask here. I have been looking for the Orange model for awhile now. I have the other 3 colors.
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